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Panta_slith -> Versions 2.0.14 & 2.0.10 compatibility (4/4/2020 11:33:37 PM)

Are v2.0.10 and 2.0.14 pbem files compatible? I tried at PBEM++ and they weren't.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Versions 2.0.14 & 2.0.10 compatibility (4/5/2020 3:35:20 AM)

Should be, but I am not 100 percent sure. I will ask Rob in the morning and get back to you. [8D]

IronManBeta -> RE: Versions 2.0.14 & 2.0.10 compatibility (4/5/2020 5:13:50 PM)

I cannot say for sure now, but the general concept is that the game that is version 2.0.14 can read 2.0.10 files but NOT vice versa. the 2.0.10 install needs to be updated and then it can read the 2.0.14 files.

Hope this helps, cheers, Rob C

Panta_slith -> RE: Versions 2.0.14 & 2.0.10 compatibility (4/5/2020 6:02:38 PM)

Thank you Gents, but now I have a related problem I've already asked about, but wrongly considered a minor issue: When I install Germany Reforged the game engine downgrades (if already on 2.0.14) back to 2.0.10 and everything runs smoothly. But if after that I install the 2.0.14 patch, apparently everything works as usual, but the game freezes upon start at the point that I only can exit using the task manager. Therefore and considering also your information, there is no way for a GR player to play against a human using v2.0.14!

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