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IICptMillerII -> East German Mod? (4/4/2020 10:39:02 PM)

What ever happened to the East German mod? It came with the DDR as a faction and a well put together campaign as well. I can't seem to find it here or on Google. Does anyone know what happened to it?

KungPao -> RE: East German Mod? (4/4/2020 11:02:27 PM)

Please check this


Post #70

IICptMillerII -> RE: East German Mod? (4/4/2020 11:48:55 PM)

Thanks for the quick reply!

I think the reason I wasn't able to find the thread before was because I had my forum settings to only show posts in the past year, not all posts. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

The puush link doesn't appear to work anymore, at least for me, but I was able to download all the EGerman database updates so I believe I have the most up to date version, as well as at least the first scenario from the campaign. Thanks again for your help!

This is a fantastic mod btw!

Rincon -> RE: East German Mod? (4/6/2020 6:04:14 PM)

IICptMillerII, check it out as well the Polish faction mod, also from Stimpak (same author of East Germany faction). Another high quality piece of work! Both amazing.



IICptMillerII -> RE: East German Mod? (4/8/2020 9:31:07 PM)

Thanks for bringing this mod to my attention. This looks fantastic! Can't wait to try it out!

Rincon -> RE: East German Mod? (4/11/2020 6:50:02 PM)

Sure IICptMillerII! For you to have an idea, in my data folder I have the East Germans, Polish, French, USMC, Belgiums, Canadians and Netherlands factions. All of them very interesting and made by several members here. You can find them scrolling the mods section.

If you like I can share (through a download link) my faction folders with you. Just let me know. Just remember the User-files are all a bit tweak in the National database section (to my personal liking), but you can easily revert that back to the numbers you see fit. I have also at some speficic situations filled a few gaps in the units sections due to some error messages of units not being available during the mission editor selection. Very minor adjustments in that sense.


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