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AlvaroSousa -> Steam Reviews (4/4/2020 9:33:16 PM)

If you want to support WarPlan when you get your steam key please write a review about the game.

It can be good or bad. I need enough reviews so it shows up on the screen when people search for WarPlan.

Currently we have 8 positive and 1 negative review but the one negative review really isn't bad :D

MorningDew -> RE: Steam Reviews (4/5/2020 1:58:40 AM)

Question - looks like we might need to play some number of hours on steam version. Is that accurate? If so, any idea how many hours?

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Steam Reviews (4/5/2020 3:59:56 AM)

No idea. I might be a # of hours on steam?

MorningDew -> RE: Steam Reviews (4/5/2020 12:33:32 PM)

Not much, but more than 0.1 hours:) Done

alaska47051 -> RE: Steam Reviews (4/6/2020 4:50:51 AM)

Done, first Review in German.

The problem why it didn`t show up when people search for Warplan was the issue mentioned above in the other Thread. Steam thought about War Plan and not WarPlan.
Now it is working. I think you reported the mistake and Steam reacted fast.

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