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akinesia -> Fog of war off (3/24/2020 10:09:54 PM)

I turned the fog of war off and it appears to break the naval war completely. Playing as the Entente i planted the 3 British mines to block the Kiel canal and the German fleet never left the baltic. Even the subs stayed in the baltic.

I won the game on the ground in 1917 without ever dealing with a 40 plus unit German navy.

The AH navy stayed in port up until AH was about to collapse then it came out and died to the italien fleet.

Is this an issue with fog of war being turned off?


Xsillione -> RE: Fog of war off (3/25/2020 9:47:45 AM)

Partially, the AI really afraid to go over mines, and will avoid it every time, so if you block all routes, and they know the mines are there, they just stay put. You can block the baltic fleet, the channel and even the kiel region with this, and the AI just won't go with it with some cheap unit. With fog, they might not see all mines, and try to go over some hex, clear the mines and get, without fog, they see them.

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