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samthesham -> Looking for game (3/24/2020 5:50:30 AM)

Gee Whiz I suddenly have loads of time on my hands.

Looking for an experienced WIE game. I have played and won on both sides. Name the terms, I prefer historical. I am pretty good but don't like gaming the system (any wargame; why find ways to break a game?), and dont like snark. I enjoy both sides and am open to having 2 games going. I am in my 60's. I am sure there are standard house rules, will agree to anything.


Jsto0033 -> RE: Looking for game (3/24/2020 7:12:51 PM)

I could be interested. The only problem is that I just bought the game for a little month ago. But I'm an old gamer in my mid-fifties, so I'm definitely not inexperienced with games. I have now read the manual and won over the computer on a hard level. so I would like some human resistance. I am currently sitting in my cottage. you know Corona ... So I have plenty of time too.

Pup8 -> RE: Looking for game (3/25/2020 7:35:01 PM)


I have been playing operational art of war and WITE2 for years (so very familiar with the game mechanics), but have never played this game as PBEM.

I would be looking to play on the German offensive.

If you would like just drop me a line and we can discuss parameters.


update: I found a game on another thread. Thanks.

samthesham -> RE: Looking for game (3/27/2020 11:13:19 PM)

PM Sent. Sounds good 2 me

EvonManstein -> RE: Looking for game (3/28/2020 4:39:46 AM)

Dear Mr. Sham:

I'd be Interested in a WIE Campaign Game---Playing as the German.
My Preferences would be for a "Bitter End" Scenario---Following as
Close as Possible to Historical...i.e.:

-- Normal Blizzard, No +SOV Advantage;
-- No SOV Amphibious before 1942, and No Black Sea
Landings after Sevastopol is Taken;
-- No SOV Para Drops before 1942, and None afterwards
that are More than 3 Hexes from SOV Frontlines.

Would You be Agreeable to All This?

If You are, I Must Tell You that: I Consider Myself an
Intermediate Level Player and have Played the AI a Number of Times
(as Both German & Soviet)---but I've Never Played a PBEM Game...
I Would Ask with Your Patience with Me on This.

Here's Hoping I'll Hear from You.


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