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irfanahmed1979 -> Edit Leaders (3/22/2020 4:26:06 PM)

Is there another way to edit leaders' stats rather than the editor that comes with the game? I mean for example, if I wanted all Dutch Air Unit leaders to have the same level of Admin rating then could I do it in one go? Like in an Excel file?

LargeSlowTarget -> RE: Edit Leaders (3/22/2020 10:33:10 PM)

In the SCEN folder you should find a tool called "witploadAE.exe".

It allows to dump the scenario files into several .csv files which correspond to the tabs in the editor, like ship classes, air groups etc.

You can edit the .csv files with Excel and the like and then to convert them back into game scenario files.

It is a DOS program, so you need to use the Command prompt "cmd.exe"

First you need to enter the path to the scenario folder, for example "cd c:\matrix games\war in the pacific admiral's edition\scen\".

Then you can use the following commands:

To export scenario #01 in the current directory into .csv: WITPLOADAE.exe /e /s001

To import the .csv back into scenario #01 in the current directory: WITPLOADAE.exe /s001

The leaders are in the file called "WITPldrXXX" with XXX being the scenario number.

irfanahmed1979 -> RE: Edit Leaders (3/23/2020 2:40:51 AM)

Thanks a lot!

LargeSlowTarget, are those girls topless? [:D] How old is that photo?

irfanahmed1979 -> RE: Edit Leaders (3/23/2020 3:27:59 AM)

Sorry to bother you again but is there a look up table for what Rank numbers and Commands numbers mean in the .CSV file?

PaxMondo -> RE: Edit Leaders (3/23/2020 11:15:11 AM)

one of the files is WITPtabs.csv

It is a lookup. If it ain't there, you need to ask here in the forums.

LargeSlowTarget -> RE: Edit Leaders (3/23/2020 11:22:31 AM)

You have to work with the editor and the .csv files in parallel - for example, the "rank" field in the editor has a drop-down menu which shows all ranks and the associated number, like "15 LTJG - IJN".

irfanahmed1979 -> RE: Edit Leaders (3/23/2020 11:45:56 AM)

Ok, thank you.

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