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fondfoat -> Recommendations (3/18/2020 12:12:19 PM)

Thanks for the recommendations. I have made my decision.

USSAmerica -> RE: Recommendations (3/18/2020 12:43:03 PM)

The mother of all wargames: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition. [&o][&o][&o]

She has a learning cliff, but if you want planning..... [:D]

RangerJoe -> RE: Recommendations (3/18/2020 12:45:08 PM)


You definitely have to set up your logistics!

fondfoat -> RE: Recommendations (3/18/2020 12:47:41 PM)

Yes. I watched a YouTube of WITP, but is it more work than fun? :)

RangerJoe -> RE: Recommendations (3/18/2020 12:55:51 PM)

Read some AARs and see what people say.

fondfoat -> RE: Recommendations (3/18/2020 1:19:43 PM)

Thanks. I have made my decision.

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