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BarelyWargame -> Question about Electronic Warfare tutorial scenario (3/17/2020 12:02:47 PM)

I am confused with part of this tutorial scenario and would appreciate an explanation. In the last part of the mission where you are told to blow up the Palace and the SAM sites guarding it, you are informed that using your ELINT planes would be a good way to detect their emissions so that you can pinpoint them for destruction with HARM missiles. However, I was unable to get the scenario to play out as it suggested.

The SAMs didn't seem to emit at all until they were about to shoot at one of my planes, then ceased emitting straight after, so the ELINT planes were effectively useless. I had to riskily fly my stealth aircraft low at high speeds past the SAM sites, using Offensive ECM to ensure they didn't get shot down. This allowed me to figure out where the SAMs were. Even after this, since the SAMs did not emit I couldn't shoot them with the HARMs. I opted to shoot another nearby radar, which did seem to hinder the SAMs operation, but this was not (from my interpretation of the text pop-up) the expected solution the scenario was asking for. Ultimately, I was able to use SPICE bombs after this to destroy the SAMs and Palace without them firing back.

So basically what I want to know is, did I do what the scenario wanted me to do? Was the scenario working correctly? Given the planes available to me during the scenario, how was I meant to detect the SAMs without taking a risky approach? What's the point of HARMs if the SAMs aren't emitting?

kfarley215 -> RE: Question about Electronic Warfare tutorial scenario (3/17/2020 2:48:07 PM)

Interesting coincidence. I just played through this yesterday. I used a combined strike package as follows:

1. Launch the drones first as they are slower. Have them cruise toward Palace at high altitude with ECM on.
2. Have the Prowler on Patrol in the vicinity to have that additional Jamming and Intel.
3. Launch the SEAD aircraft ahead of the Strikers. You can actually place them as Escorts in the Strike mission but oddly the Escorts don't get a path assigned only the main strikers. So you'll have to direct them toward the Palace ahead of the Strikers.
4. Launch your strike package and organize the route to pass through valleys and optimize launch point. I placed the launch point a bit closer to invite the radar to come on to give my SEAD Patrol time to kill it while missiles were in flight but not too far away to kill the missiles.
5. Finally, I routed the SEAD Patrol North to be bearing South through the valley in preparation for the SAM RADAR to light up.

The net effect is that SEAD patrol is inbound ahead of Strike package but off angle while Strike package launches. In 1 minute SAM Radar lights up and SEAD kills it while Strike Missiles are inbound. There is a bit of SAM avoidance but with Jammers and Low Altitude and Notching, I had no casualties.

BarelyWargame -> RE: Question about Electronic Warfare tutorial scenario (3/17/2020 4:43:29 PM)

Thanks for the reply, it's useful to hear how other people handled this part of the scenario. I guess I just need to get better at coordinating these different assets. What flight altitude did you use for the SEAD planes and strikers, out of curiosity?

kfarley215 -> RE: Question about Electronic Warfare tutorial scenario (3/17/2020 5:17:56 PM)

Having watched the excellent ECM Tutorial by P Gatcomb on YouTube, I learned that by placing Jammers behind and above (lined up from the Radar view on the ground) you maximize your Jamming performance. So I had the Drones at 36K, the Prowler at 25K and the Strikers at 12K, with the SEAD mission at 1 or 2K if I remember correctly. I still need to learn more about the ECM pods on this aircraft to better understand deployment. The DB is not forthcoming on many details. Using both of them appears to cover the signal spectrum but only the Comms Monitor has a range associated with it.

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