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ClanCochrane -> Neutral Netherlands and Belguim (3/16/2020 8:21:06 AM)

I have played several 1940 scenarios against the AI leaving The Netherlands and Belgium neutral, just invading through Luxemburg and France. With the concentration of the Luftwaffe and 2 Panzerkorps an easy hole can be made for the other mech units to stream through dividing the Maginot line units from those on the coast side. It has always resulted in a swift fall of France as the BEF get out quick. My questions are if you leave those two countries neutral will their armies grow in strength over the coarse of the game, and will USA entry be affected (as in a later entry).

kennonlightfoot -> RE: Neutral Netherlands and Belguim (3/16/2020 5:02:41 PM)

I suspect they are fixed size and never change. USA entries isn't tied to the in any way invaded or not. Although this is difficult to confirm without running a hot seat game so you can invade them later to see if they changed. But at least based on the documentation neutrals never change unless they have an timed event to do it.

PDiFolco -> RE: Neutral Netherlands and Belguim (4/18/2020 9:12:50 PM)

It's an idea... can be a good strategy to take out France first and invade Belgium and Netherlands just after, a few spare Inf divs will be enough and you'll be in no hurry by mid 40.

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