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Werewolf13 -> Can't Turn Music Off (3/15/2020 9:58:21 PM)

Just updated to latest vs.

Now I cannot turn off the music (or anything else off or on for that matter).

I've clicked on the dot that shows it is on, clicked in the highlighed entry for music, multiple clicked, nothing.

The dot doesn't go away and the dang music just keeps on playing. Which means to make it go away I have to just turn off the sound using the win speaker button on the win7 tool bar.

Annoying as hell. I like the background sounds and battle sounds but the music - non starter for me.

Any ideas?

PS: I looked for a config file that I might use to turn the sound off. No joy. Probably is one. I just cannot find it.

NOTE: Win 7 sp1, i7-5820K, 16GB RAM, nVidia GTX 970

Shadrach -> RE: Can't Turn Music Off (3/16/2020 11:03:13 AM)

Well, maybe I misunderstand you, but you're supposed to click the option you want to set, not the one that's active.


The editable config file for most options is Documents\My Games\The Operational Art of War IV\Opart 4.ini. Problem is, for reasons unknown the music/background options are not set there, but in "toa.cfg" in the same folder. And this is not editable... yay for consistency! [8|][:D]

Werewolf13 -> RE: Can't Turn Music Off (3/16/2020 11:40:30 AM)


Standard convention is to turn off or turn on an option by clicking it (toggle). Been a while since I've played TOAW IV so...

I'll give your suggestion a shot.

Thanks for the quick response - it is appreciated.

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