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Karri -> Assigning a leader in editor (3/10/2020 4:59:48 PM)

1. I created a new HQ unit
2. I picked a leader for it.
3. I used the scenario check utility, which shows the "leader link" as broken.

The leader shows as assigned in Units tab and information, but this is not updated into the Leaders tab. There it simply shows as "Unit 0:".

4. Saved the scenario and fired it up.
5. On the starting turn the leader shows up on the HQ data, but does not show as commanding the unit. After one turn (logistics phase) this is fixed.

Also, deleting a HQ unit from the Unit Tab does not delete the link from the Leader Tab.

morvael -> RE: Assigning a leader in editor (3/17/2020 9:38:53 PM)

I have assigned different leader to existing HQ in the editor and it worked, both one-way links were updated at the same time.

Karri -> RE: Assigning a leader in editor (3/18/2020 2:58:20 PM)

Just reassigned in editor, and now the changes work. Don't know what caused this in the first place.

Another question though: if you delete a unit the link with the leader is broken. How do you remove the link?

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