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Ulzgoroth -> Ghost Brigade bug (3/9/2020 10:29:46 AM)

I realize this game is probably out of support at this point, but I found an interesting and nasty bug.

I got attacked by an enemy assault troop battalion which, it would appear, had zero live infantry in it. The result was that while their tanks were wiped out almost instantly, the brigade would not retreat and was not recognized as destroyed. The battle ran a very large number of rounds in close combat, with my forces taking a great deal of damage from the zombie brigade's artillery but none from their nonexistant troops or exterminated tanks.

Eventually some cutoff seems to have ended the battle in a 'victory'. Except that since the enemy unit cannot be forced to retreat, it keeps coming and attack or defending its position again and again, racking up hundreds of unavoidable casualties. The enemy 28th Battalion is an invincible ghost legion... When given an opportunity the AI replaces the tanks but not the infantry.

I've finally managed to wipe the 28th battalion out at the cost of well over 1000 of my troops, piling on in sequential attacks until I managed to kill off their last hangar queen of a tank and officially annihilate the unit.

zakblood -> RE: Ghost Brigade bug (3/18/2020 2:36:15 PM)

any saves or screenshots would be helpful, as then if they can recreate it, maybe also then fix it, without, it's much harder to reproduce

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