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jupiter999 -> Combat round seems bugged (3/4/2020 3:07:46 AM)

I'm on round 8 and execute several combats.
One particular fight is so weird because it starts from R2... [&:]
Is that some kind of bug?


cathar1244 -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (3/4/2020 4:31:07 AM)

If you see this again, you may wish to save the game, quit, and look at the toawlog.txt file. (Turn logging on as part of game options).

The log file describes the combat action in a bit more detail. Not saying it would explain this, but it will give a bit more insight as to what happened in an action like this.


jupiter999 -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (3/4/2020 10:36:53 PM)

Ok, I'll take a look on that. Thanks for the advice.

jupiter999 -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (3/30/2020 7:29:52 AM)

I tried reading the log, but looks complicated for me...[sm=dizzy.gif]

larryfulkerson -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (4/1/2020 4:50:55 PM)

Maybe do a search for the exact name of the unit that is getting attacked. You'd need a word processor to do that I suspect.

jupiter999 -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (4/2/2020 2:28:37 AM)

I'm using Notepad++. Not a problem.
Just that, not sure which were the messages that can help explain the R2 column on R8 combat round...

Hellen_slith -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (4/3/2020 9:09:39 PM)

Not sure, but if you are engaging R8 on combat, you are doing very well ....

It is my understanding / experience that "combat rounds" of a unit (as you show here) take into account the overall battlefield movement / timestamp of movement / combat of all units on the map. So, it is not so easy to dissect individual battles w/o taking into account the movements / battles of other units also engaged in combat.

This (I think) is the essence of "operational" aspect of the war. With time, and experience, you will come to see how the "Operational" aspect of the game is modeled in the game and see how it all relates together.

I hope this helps! YMMV!

jupiter999 -> RE: Combat round seems bugged (4/4/2020 3:05:16 PM)

Hey Hellen, thanks for your reply.
Hard to find someone talking here these days [:D]
I brought up this picture initially because I thought when I start my combat round on R8, I should not see anything from R1 to R7. I thought what I saw from this picture, was bug.
Now after so many days of playing and re-thinking, I think I might be wrong...
This chart simply shows the time stamp on location [13,40], so meaning any units that acted on it should leave a mark on the time chart. [8|] I think this is the explanation...

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