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Chris21wen -> Weapons help (2/27/2020 12:37:08 PM)

This is what I understand
In the pic, each mount can carry a max of 40 shells. The top one has got three types split 38/1/1 but the bottom has only two 39/1/0. If I tick reload priority I can force the mounts to load more of the one selected.

My Questions are
What determines this ratio and can it be change.
If I tick say, wp it loads at the expense of the hi-frag. Why not the hi-Cap?
Last where can I find out in, laymens terms, what each type of shell does in particular hi-cap.
WP is for marking targets but how's it work. Does it stick and burn brightly?

Help appreciated.


Schr75 -> RE: Weapons help (2/27/2020 4:43:54 PM)

Hi Chris

The load ratio is predefined in the DB. When you select a specific type of ammo, the mount should replace all types with the selected AFAIK.

Regarding the types of ammo.
HiFrag is a fragmentation round best used against soft targets. The HE-CVT is the technology used in the shell.
VT shells (and CVT) or Variable Time are proximity fused and are effective against aircraft and infantry as they burst near the target or the surface.

HiCap is High Capacity and means that the shell is loaded with the maximum amount of explosives possible at the expense of the strength of the shell casing.
This type is best used against non armored targets, that is, buildings and modern ships since they usually don´t have any armor worth mentioning.

AP shells are Armor Piercing, and do just that. They dont carry a large charge, but they can penetrate a lot of armor, so they are your weapon of choice if you are attacking a battleship, heavy cruiser or a surface bunker.

WP is White Phosphorous and it generates a lot of fire and smoke at impact. It doesn´t stick to the target but is easily spotted from a distance.

There´s a lot of subtypes of shells so I recommend you read these two articles:

I´m sure there´s a lot of people on this forum that can explain this in a lot more detail, I´m looking at you Gunner98[:D], but this should help you getting started.

Hope this helped.


Gunner98 -> RE: Weapons help (2/27/2020 5:31:17 PM)

Hay Chris

Soren summarized it pretty well.

The difference between CVT and VT is that CVT is 'Controlled Variable Time', where a transponder in the fuze measures the distance from the ground (or water/ship if fired at a ship, or the surface of an aircraft) by emitting a radio wave and measuring the time the return takes. It is set to detonate the round at an exact distance from the target. A VT fuze is a simple mechanical time setting and is sometimes called MT for older types, so it will burst at that time and if the calculations are off the round will be either too high or too low for maximum shrapnel effect. Technically the CVT is a proximity fuze where a VT is not because when used for air defense the CVT will detonate when proximate to the target where the VT is fixed.

WP with an MT fuze at night is a great thing to see...

BTW, Randomizer is the pro when it comes to ammo questions. [&o]


Chris21wen -> RE: Weapons help (2/28/2020 12:01:06 PM)

OK so it's best to use HiCap against a ships. How would I know this from the game given both have them as valid targets.

One last question. What does (3DP) mean?


Gunner98 -> RE: Weapons help (2/28/2020 12:17:38 PM)

Both are valid against ships because fragmentation (from HiFrag) will play havoc with sensors, antenna, air facilities and all the soft system bits strapped onto the surface of a ship, while the HE will put holes in the hull and superstructure.

3 DP = damage points. When you look at a ship it will tell you how many DP that ship has, hundreds or even thousands, so the 3 Damage points each hit will do (and it's not exact, there are dice roles involved) won't do much damage but it is the system damage (seen in the Damage Control dialog) fire and flooding that will do the deed. When you look at a bomb which will do several hundred DP, one hit is more devastating, but if you hit a ship with 20-30 (60-90 DP) rounds of HiCap and HiFrag, chances are its sensors are wiped clean, it is on fire and taking on water - so not much good to anyone and effectively a mission kill even if it doesn't sink.


Chris21wen -> RE: Weapons help (2/29/2020 4:59:43 AM)

Got it thanks again.

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