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DWReese -> Strike/Intercept Missions (Maximum Range Distance) (2/12/2020 12:44:08 AM)

Some of the scenarios, such as the LIVE:Old Grudges (for example), have unis assigned to Strike or Intercept missions with no specific target listed in the Target List. I understand how these work, but one thing puzzles me. In the Minimum/Maximum strike radius area within the Mission Editor many times the two entries are "0 and 0". I can understand "0 and say, 50", but wouldn't "0 and 0" mean that they would never launch those missions because the range is too far? Shouldn't some actual range number go in the Maximum range area, or does it matter? Other scenarios place a maximum, so why doesn't this one? Was this an oversight, or was it intentional?

AndrewJ -> RE: Strike/Intercept Missions (Maximum Range Distance) (2/12/2020 2:26:43 AM)

I think the second zero means that no manual far range limit is applied. The aircraft will check against its maximum range when deciding whether to attack.

DWReese -> RE: Strike/Intercept Missions (Maximum Range Distance) (2/12/2020 3:07:33 AM)

I'm not sure. Most have something entered, such as Minimum 0, Maximum 50 (or something like that). At least that is how is appears that it should work.

In testing the 0/0 thing, it seems to work fine. So I am really just questioning if 0/0 means maximum range because nothing is entered. As I said, others have specific numbers entered and they work as well. So, maybe they are meant to be restricters, even though it doesn't specify that.

michaelm75au -> RE: Strike/Intercept Missions (Maximum Range Distance) (2/12/2020 7:11:18 AM)

I think 0,0 means no limits.

thewood1 -> RE: Strike/Intercept Missions (Maximum Range Distance) (2/12/2020 10:10:47 AM)

I read somewhere in the manual or FAQs that 0 means no limit. It should be the default.

DWReese -> RE: Strike/Intercept Missions (Maximum Range Distance) (2/12/2020 2:12:09 PM)

I was also under that impression that the 0/0 ratings were "unlimited" as well, but I wanted to look further into it.

I tested it using all of the same units and same situation:

With ranges numbers actually entered, the a/c immediately took off and intercepted the bogey as soon as it was observed, even if it was unidentified. In other words, it seemed to work great.

Without a range, it allowed the a/c to continue to close on the target a/c as long as it was still unidentified. After a couple of minutes without making any attempt to intercept anything, I then manually changed the target from "unidentified" to "hostile", and the a/c immediately launched to intercept it.

My conclusion is that, while both methods do work (and there are plenty of scenarios with no ranges listed), the scenarios with actual ranges perform much better.

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