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sapper32 -> Base game discontinued ??? (2/10/2020 11:54:03 AM)

Hi was looking to possibly purchase this game but when I clicked on the link to check out the price on the product info page it says the game is discontinued ??


CV60 -> RE: Base game discontinued ??? (2/10/2020 1:22:13 PM)

Command Modern Air and Naval Operations (CMANO) has been discontinued. It has been replaced by Command Modern Operations (CMO), which is an updated and optimized version of CMANO. If you get CMO, you are getting an improved version of CMANO. CMANO scenarios will work with CMO. If the subject interests you, I strongly recommend CMO.

Tookatee -> RE: Base game discontinued ??? (2/10/2020 1:35:14 PM)

^^^^^ The new base game is CMO, CMANO is just the obsolescent version of what is now known as Command: Modern Operations. You get a lot more features and quality of life optimizations that weren't present in CMANO, in addition to the fact that CMO is software that will still receive continuous development and updates for the foreseeable future.

sapper32 -> RE: Base game discontinued ??? (2/10/2020 2:38:37 PM)

Thanks for the clarification guys, I stumbled upon the link for the base game CMO when I looked at the desert storm DLC ,It looks like the buy now link is for the old version of the game, I've played Harpoon 3 which was naval/air is CMO naval/air and land ??


Dimitris -> RE: Base game discontinued ??? (2/10/2020 3:15:35 PM)


ORIGINAL: sapper32
I've played Harpoon 3 which was naval/air is CMO naval/air and land ??

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