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AstroBlues -> Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 2:21:57 AM)

My gaming friend just purchased Mwif and he asked me why there is no replay. I remember this was brought up long time ago and just do not remember Steve' reason for not having one. Another question he had was why there is no true Pbem with the game. I just did not know what to tell him.

Please help.


paulderynck -> RE: Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 2:55:32 AM)

It wasn't designed that way, but PBEMing MWiF is really very simple.

Mayhemizer_slith -> RE: Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 6:33:00 AM)

If game would send file every time opponent need to react (intercept, choose damaged ship etc) it would proceed very slowly. Better way is that active player asks (using whatsapp, skype, AAR forum etc) and file is send only between impulses.

AstroBlues -> RE: Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 6:30:22 PM)

Long time ago on this forum there was a discussion over replay. Steve came on and said what the reasons were for not having one. That is what I wanted to convey. I have been playing it Pbem using an external dice roller.


paulderynck -> RE: Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 7:58:28 PM)

Searching back through some old posts, Steve had said he liked the idea of a replay capability but the biggest issue was that it would mean working around the way the program follows the sequence of play. This would entail a great deal of development time and thus was not going to be part of the initial release of the game. Possibly it could be put in a future release.

Given other items on the roadmap that are in front of that and their progress to date, I would speculate that:
a) the AI people would be very distressed if time was allocated to that task ahead of an AI, and thus
b) adding a replay capability is very far off

Speculating even further I would dare say a replay in MWiF is not nearly as important as in other game environments, like Vassal, because MWiF enforces all the rules. If you received a file by email, you could rest assure that any moves made were correct moves.

AstroBlues -> RE: Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 10:45:14 PM)

Thanks, Paul. I remember there is a reason. I do hope someday he could fix a replay if possibly. I am Japan in a Pbem game. Lovin' it.


Neilster -> RE: Replay on Mwif (2/8/2020 11:05:40 PM)

I believe I was the one to suggest a replay function about 15 years ago. Yes, Steve liked the idea but he had enough on his plate.

At the same time I posited that a saved game could be created that, within the "granularity" of MWiF, modelled the actual war. Then, using the replay feature, you could watch a MWiF version of WW2. I imagined being able to pause, rewind etc and move around the map to see what was happening globally at the same time.

Oh well...they were heady days [;)]

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