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Japo32 -> invasion mission crashes and crashes (2/4/2020 9:45:22 PM)

I don't know if it is because I play with Tacview... or because there are so many units, but with CMO, it is a PITA to play the mission. It starts to saturate until it cannot stand anymore, the watch stops and freezes.. and then I have to quit it with task manager. Imposible to play fluent... and I have an i9 9900KS with an Nvidia 2080ti and 32gb ram.

kfarley215 -> RE: invasion mission crashes and crashes (2/18/2020 7:33:43 PM)

I have the same setup as you and Invasion worked fine for me. I did report a bug in todays update (Build 1121.8) that it does not load saved games, right when I was 75% done with Scene 3 of DS.

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