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stormbringer3 -> Opening research. (2/2/2020 8:19:00 PM)

At the game start the Germans have a chit in both rockets and artillery. It doesn't seem to me to be a good idea to pursue both of them. I've been playing SC WWI until today where artillery is king. In this game is it worthwhile to go for either technology?
Thanks for any opinions.

DeriKuk -> RE: Opening research. (2/2/2020 11:18:51 PM)

You are on the right track. Dump the Rocket research. Also dump the Anti-Tank. Keep the artillery; it is useful when the Afrika Korps shows up. Rockets are useless. You can upgrade AT later, but AT units are mostly only useful as garrisons. Before the end stages of the campaign, Strategic Bombing is too expensive, considering that you only get one unit. It's better to use the freed-up PPs to upgrade your Espionage.

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