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ineffable -> Omaha Beach .bsf file (2/1/2020 1:36:37 PM)

On Omaha Beach, per the .bsf file (Battle Script File?), the two command teams both get deployed near-by each other in the trenches around the forward left bunkers. Also, the AT gun in the forward right AT bunker doesnt have much LOS to outside the bunker. The attached OmahaLanding.bsf file moves the second command team over to the right front, and it deploys the forward right AT gun 2 meters closer to the bunker embrasure so it starts the battle with better LOS to the beach.

FYI - TBF uses a location grid coordinate system much like the military. eg. 47500,34800 is 475 meters to the right of, and 348 meters up from, the lower left map corner. Unfortunately, the grid numbering on the overview maps starts in the top left so you've got to do a bit of subtraction for y values. And technically, TBF map coords are capable of locations to the exact centimeter.

Unit facing is specified by the digit following the map coord,. 0=N, 1=NE, 2=E, 3=SE, 4=S, 5=SW, 6=W, 7=NW

Left to its own devices the TBF AI uses little variation when it deploys friendly and enemy units. With a few tweaks this .bsf file could be adapted to specify user-selected deployments, facings and unit orders for initial battles in all scenarios. And sets of .bsf files could be swapped in to vary user-selected deployments to prevent the AI from using and re-using the same deployment in the first battle on every map.

Sample unit deploy code in a .bsf file:

// place command team 2 behind right AT bunker

ineffable -> RE: Omaha Beach .bsf file (2/1/2020 6:25:37 PM)

Another tantalizing code snippet from the Omaha Beach .bsf:


// set AI posture range to defend - delay withdraw
SetAIStanceLimit(1, 3, 5);

Makes one wonder what other 'AI stance' is available - probe, all-out attack, world domination?

ineffable -> RE: Omaha Beach .bsf file??? (2/1/2020 11:56:44 PM)

In the Omahalanding.bsf, the infgun unit type quantity is set to 0 at the beginning of the file but nothing is ever specified about testing for and placing inf guns. Consequently there is always a GE inf gun that deploys on the left exit road from the beach, facing south!?

What is the test for tankQ similar to the test for ATgun: if (((t == 13) || (t == 14) || (t == 15) || (t == 16) || (t == 17) || (t == 18)) && ((t2 == 7) || (t2 == 9)) && (t3 == 1))

What is the third variable in the IssueUnitOrder(id,5,?,15400,17000,0) function?

ineffable -> RE: Omaha Beach .bsf file??? (2/3/2020 12:17:09 PM)


ORIGINAL: ineffable
What is the third variable in the IssueUnitOrder(id,5,?,15400,17000,0) function?

The third variable is an enemy unit index #: 0=enemy command unit, 1=enemy unit#1, 2=enemy unit#2 etc.

A sneaky way of finding out enemy unit locations in the Deploy phase. Select a unit with an IssueUnitOrder(id,1,0,000,000,5) function scripted for it and the Move Fast movement line will lead to the enemy command unit. Wonder if this is dynamic so that in H2H play, if the opposing player repositioned his cmd unit in Deploy, any IssueUnitOrder movement line would update to the new cmd unit location. Quantum entanglement at CC scale :)

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