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rmwilsonjr -> [Logged] F3 Navigation glitch (1/22/2020 3:27:57 AM)

I was playing an ASW quick battle between a Ticonderoga and an Akula. The cruiser was set on a ASW Patrol mission. After making contact with the sub, which still had a large range ambiguity, I tried to navigate the cruiser onto a different course to solidify the range using the F3 key and the cursor. As I would click to set the new waypoint, the course that was laid in went first to the midpoint on the far end of the ambiguity polygon around the sub, and then back to the point where my curser had set it. It happened repeatedly and each time the ship followed the long course. Hitting the F3 key several times finally appeared to clear the problem, and allowed a new course to be set without the detour to the other side of the sub. I have attached a compressed saved game that was made while this was occurring. Thanks for an extremely enjoyable game.

rmwilsonjr -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (1/22/2020 3:40:07 AM)

I am using Build 1125.1 in this instance.

fire-fox -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (1/22/2020 9:21:31 PM)

Also seen this my self on any ASW contacts in missions on current release to 1121.5 beta

rmwilsonjr -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (2/2/2020 4:48:29 AM)

Just re-upping this bug with a twist. Its a stand alone scenario this time, not a quick battle. This time the ship takes an impossible--dotted line-path, but the issue is still triggered by F3 navigation. No amount of ESC or trying to clear the last course with F3. For what its worth, I later believe I was able to cure the problem but only after ordering the affected ship to disengage [drop all targets]. Saved game attached. I'm using the latest patch 1121.6.

Ok, well having an issue trying to upload the file. I'll keep trying

rmwilsonjr -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (2/2/2020 4:52:38 AM)

Trying again

Rory Noonan -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (2/6/2020 10:06:49 AM)

Logged for investigation. #0013609

rmwilsonjr -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (2/7/2020 1:55:33 AM)

You guys rock. Thanks for a very enjoyable game.

Steve McClaire -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (7/8/2020 5:08:36 PM)

Hi rmwilsonjr,

There are actually two issues here -- in the ASW case the ship is plotting its own course to try and firm up the ambiguous sonar contact on the sub. We're reviewing how to best handle this from a UI and player-information standpoint.

In the second case the ship is trying to engaging a shore battery, but the battery is behind an impassable minefield, so the 'best' course it can find is a big loop around to get closer without going into the mines. This is something the player will need to handle by changing the unit doctrine for the ship and plotting its course manually if you don't want it to try and attack the shore battery this way.

rmwilsonjr -> RE: F3 Navigation glitch (7/10/2020 4:48:55 AM)

Thank you, very much.

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