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Tiomkin -> Russia Convoys & Allied Aid (1/17/2020 12:55:27 AM)

How can one activate Murmansk as a convoy destination? Archangel is currently the end of the convoy route from Britain. Can a convoy be created for Murmansk too, and are there values or map edits needed for the port or to lay the convoy track? It looks like the railroad is laid from Murmansk to Petrograd on the map.

Sugar -> RE: Russia Convoys & Allied Aid (1/17/2020 1:59:57 AM)

You can't afaik. The city was founded 1916, the railway wasn't finished before 1917, that's probably the reason.

BillRunacre -> RE: Russia Convoys & Allied Aid (1/17/2020 6:52:04 PM)

Sugar is correct, and there is a Russian Decision Event to develop the route to Murmansk, please see the Strategy Guide for details.

Tiomkin -> RE: Russia Convoys & Allied Aid (1/17/2020 9:32:28 PM)

Thank you guys. I saw the Decision Event message for Murmansk activation and wondered if I can activate it at the start of the war. Looking closely at the map, I see every station from Petrozavodsk north is 0 point value with no connecting tracks west from the Murmansk line. It looks like the makers really intended to cut it off.

On the topic of cities and ports, how do you place a city or port on a new map and give it a resource value? With railroads, is anything needed other than simply running the track tiles to a city or resource?

I searched the Editor, but I could not find a way to create a city or edit its resource level or points. For example Petsamo shows 8/10 level resource points, but Murmansk shows 0.

Can a convoy route be run to Petsamo; how could that be done? Petsamo looks to have a better rail line than the one to Murmansk, anyway. Just trying to get a little help to the Russians--they really need it.

BillRunacre -> RE: Russia Convoys & Allied Aid (1/20/2020 1:34:03 PM)


Resources have a zero value if they are set to only be activated via a Resource script.

Adding resources can be found in Part 2 of the Manual, on Designing your own Campaigns. If you get stuck then do ask.

Yes, any port can potentially be set as a convoy destination, and this can be done by amending the Convoy script file.

Tiomkin -> RE: Russia Convoys & Allied Aid (1/22/2020 5:47:54 PM)

Thank you Bill, that is helpful. I've been reading through and learning the editor, which is a really great tool. I looked at the scripts, and it was a little complex for me. I'll work with a test mod to see if I can get familiar with it. I see where it says you can mod the scripts, but I had a little trouble finding them in the editor, and it seems it is 3 layers and 2 scripts to edit.

I appreciate your quick response very much. The Admiralty Railway to Murmansk was seriously proposed at the time of the Trans-Siberian's construction, but the Japanese victory in 1894 in the Sino-Japanese war, prompted the Russians to opt for using what limited funds they had to build a naval base at Port Arthur instead. Then they bankrupted themselves, pretty much, and could never get back to it. I'm a history wonk, and my thing is the historical what-ifs.

Thank you for the game guys. I thinks it's the best WW1 recreation out there.


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