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Bylandt11 -> You should try all solo's (1/15/2020 6:50:12 PM)

This game is fun, but there is less replay value than in the SC WW2-games, I find. My solution: playing solo. It's challenging and it's much more enjoyable than I expected.

1. Excellent: UK, Russia and A-H
2. Fun: France
3. Challenging: Ottomans and Serbia.

The only ones that don't work are Germany (not much difference from the standard campaign) and Italy (no MP's for a year, boring and even a chance you won't get to war at all).

For the Entente: play the Triple Alliance campaign, except as Serbia.

I disabled the "show moves" option, to shorten the time between turns.

eightroomofelixir -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/15/2020 9:02:31 PM)

Out of curiosity: When play Triple Alliance as Entente, what will be the strategy for defending southern France and strike Italians back?

Bylandt11 -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/16/2020 7:00:38 AM)

Depends on the nation you're playing. If France, you do it yourself. If UK, it will be up to the British troops.
Defending the south against the Italians is surprisingly easy. Three corps and 1 HQ are enough: 1 corps at Grenoble and 2 at Nice or Toulon (not Monaco). You don't need to advance: time is on your side.

The main effect of the Triple Alliance campaign is in the Mediterranean: it is hard to gain dominance against the combined Italian and Austro-Hungarian fleets.

Chernobyl -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/20/2020 9:50:43 PM)

One disappointment I had as playing Austria was when German troops started getting railroaded to my fronts. I was doing just fine and didn't ask for any reinforcements. Another problem that can develop is when Germany doesn't adequately cover the space between my armies and the german armies (part of Poland usually). Then I feel either forced to send Austrian units into useless areas or to "cheat" and order some German garrisons to reposition. Finally, I believe I have to manually set Germany's "send Austria money" convoy. It's also difficult to watch Germany make dumb attacks and fail to research important techs and I feel tempted to intervene.

Bylandt11 -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/22/2020 6:22:38 PM)

I agree. The Germans were more in the way than anything else. In the cramped fighting conditions of the Italian front, this became a real problem. It was the only time I felt it justified to move them out of the way. Worse still, they were neglecting the western front, where they were pushed back from lack of corps.

Xsillione -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/24/2020 1:02:20 PM)

Yep, playing solo is fan, but also excruciating.
And i would say even with Germany it is quite a difference. Ottomans will fail miserably even on normal difficulty, and pretty much guaranteed to surrender against harder difficulty, and AH usually not really strong, sometimes struggle against even Serbia, and if they goes to war with Italy, you either help them out or they will surrender quickly.

But the French run was the worst, ok, veteran and triple alliance is a bit much, but Russia did not even tried against Germany, a few corps just stopped them, barely managed to take Galicia and then quickly pushed back. The UK retreated in every opportunity of counter-strikes, so the northern part just given up to the Germans, and even managed to lose its fleet to the German Navy.

Hubert Cater -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/24/2020 1:32:00 PM)

There was an issue with the AI playing one of your countries, something in the UNIT scripts settings that I overlooked, which will be fixed/improved in the next update.

Bylandt11 -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/26/2020 12:13:56 PM)

I managed a win as France in the Triple Alliance campaign (on intermediate). The key to any Entente victory is the same: get German morale to zero before both Russia and France break. If you play either country you control your own destiny, even if your allies achieve little.
As France: don't push against Italy, ignore Ottomans and AH (no subsidies for the Serbs), assist the UK in killing German ships and upholding the blockade, kill as many exposed German corps as you can. You should be able to hold your own line until the Germans collapse.

Xsillione -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/26/2020 8:35:44 PM)

On normal it would probably work, but on veteran difficulty, France on its own not enough. Maybe the mentioned script issue will help after the fix, but not really hoping.

Which is interesting, on normal, Entente is clearly easier than the Central Powers, but in veteran it reverse. Probably the compactness of Germany really helps it.

The Land -> RE: You should try all solo's (1/30/2020 4:09:55 PM)


ORIGINAL: Xsillione

Which is interesting, on normal, Entente is clearly easier than the Central Powers, but in veteran it reverse. Probably the compactness of Germany really helps it.

Is it the case that AI industry bonuses only apply to industry not convoys? UK obviously depends on convoy income heavily. Though I wasn't sure whether you were referring to solos.

For my next game I'm planning a Russia-solo ... I wonder if the strategy of bullying Austria-Hungary until it drops out will still work....

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