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Hellen_slith -> Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (1/15/2020 6:19:30 PM)

I saw today a car w/ 2AD Veteran bumper sticker, reminded me of old times.

so here is some old video from 2AD 502AG Co. (BAND) circa 1984 from Killeen Public TV,
courtesy Bird (the white guy on alto sax in this vid)

My Buds ... We was 02* MOS, Primary Mission: Morale through Music (Pass ... In ... Review!)
Secondary MOS: HQ Defense. Tertiary MOS: NBC Decontamination.

Good times. I see, in order of solo:

Chief Blake, Conductor
funny stories about that guy later

@timestamp 1:07, Spec. Martin
Good tromboner.

@1:45: nick / call sign "??" (can't remember his real name)
Great keyboardist, also marimbas (played a mean Charlie Brown)
went to Helo Pilot school I think

@3:00: Spec. 5 Sailens (sp?)
Damn good drummer.

Some of those guys have faded away by now :(

@5:00 or so,
can't remember that guys name ... good guitar player, though.
also, Spec 4 Riley on trumpet, what a goof ... got us in BIG trouble at REFORGER '84
story was front page in Stars & Stripes, will try to find and link ...

Alto sax Sgt.: can't remember his name,
cool dude, though, always covered for me. Also a good alto sax player.

@5:30, Riley and Basket Ball Head!! Tight duet.
Basket Ball Head went w/ a chick that was set to inherit VW fortune ...
not sure what came of that. He met her on a boat to Helgoland.

Well, enjoy! MOS 02*: not always what ya think.

I miss those guys. Hell on Wheels, Baby!

Hellen_slith -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (1/16/2020 6:59:51 PM)

Funny story about these guys,
one fine night, we had to get out our bunks on a call,
"Gear up. Grab your horns. Let's roll."

2AD was doing a field exercise that night,
doing a 12 mile run at night in chemical gear (masks)

At the six mile point, at some crossroad in the hinterland of Fort Hood,
we set up to play some tunes to entertain the folks passing by .... at 0300, dark as **** in the middle of nowhere.

One unit's full bird Colonel took exception to us not being in masks ...
of course, we could not play our horns in masks,

and this Bird strode up ALL out of sorts to Chief Blake, and demanded,
"Why are these troops not in chemical gear???"

Chief didn't skip a beat. He said, with full authority,
"Sir, this area has been DECONTAMINATED by the 2AD Band."

That bird gave us a withering sneer, and said ...
"Carry on, Chief."

then ran his troops on down the road in chemical masks.
Didn't even stop for water or a cool shower, that was our real purpose ... a way station.

I felt sorry for those guys, going through that exercise,
but was glad to know they were on our side.
They were tough as nails, running that 12 mile course in masks.

cathar1244 -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (1/18/2020 6:50:21 AM)

... and down by Cowhouse Creek, the wild steers were cocking their heads, intrigued by the sound of music.


Hellen_slith -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (1/18/2020 6:07:07 PM)

LoL interesting enough, I never saw any cows out there at Fort Hood.
I think they got all blown up out on the firing range (used as target practice?)
or at least that night, they was back in the barn asleep.

Had to watch out for rattlesnakes out there, though.

"Happiness is Fort Hood in your rear-view mirror." LoL

cathar1244 -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (1/19/2020 4:50:33 AM)

Cowhouse Creek got its name because there are caves along the creek's flow channel, and the wild cattle shelter in the caves.

Hood is a nice location because it is only a few hours away from some very attractive areas.

What I found odd is that about three hours south of Fort Hood, in the middle of Texas, there is a good sized museum ... to the Pacific War. Sounded like something that should be at a coastal location.


Sleazey -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (1/19/2020 5:29:28 AM)

That's because Fredericksburg Texas was the hometown of Adm. Chester Nimitz.

A museum, the National Museum of the Pacific War, is there in Fredericksburg.

It was originally his grandfather's hotel. It is well worth a visit, and in the summer, they demonstrate the tactics of attacking a Japanese pillbox, using a real flame thrower! Re-eanactment teams demonstrate various aspects of the Pacific Island war throughout the year.

I have been once, and was highly impressed!

Check it out at the link I have above.

Hellen_slith -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (5/31/2020 10:17:03 PM)

I'm surprised we never played there during my time in,
mostly we played funky gigs like the "Rattlesnake Roundup!" in Bluebonnet(?)
or holiday gigs like Memorial Day parades, July 4, things like that.

BUT, funny story about Chief Blake, when we went on REFORGER '84.
We wound up on Helgoland, doing a gig on the main island, and one the night before on the little island that is right beside it.

Sunday next day, we were scheduled to play for some dignitaries on the main island,
at the main hotel. I'm talking NATO bigwigs. Four Star and their wives, and above...

The Saturday night prior, we were scheduled for jazz concert on the island next door.
The "party" island. Only accessible via the fishing boat fleet from main island, Helgoland.

So, we play the Jazz gig on "Island Two", and ... it ... is ... CRAZY PARTY.
Everyone has a fifth or two of Apfelkorn, all the beer is free to us bandspeople,
and we get ROARING DRUNK!!!! Most of all ... Chief Blake.

SOMEHOW, we manage to get Chief Blake onto the last boat back to main island (Helgoland)....
He is completely waxed, falling down drunk, and we have to DRAG his six foot two ass back to the hostel.

Three of us, with all of our strength, trying to get his ass back to his bunk.
At the very last, Polizei and some German Soldiers roll up, "WAS IST LOS???"

We have to talk them out of calling an ambulance, I think bribes were exchanged,
but we got him to his bunk about three hours before the big show for the dignitaries.

Somehow, we got him up the next morning, got him dressed and ready to go,
and by GAWD he then conducted us through the dignitary routine,
playing colors, anthems, Alte Kamaraden, and of course the Stars & Stripes Forever march.
For some reason, that drives Germans NUTS, that march, they LOVE it.

Later that day, we had to have a ceremony and consign Rocky's dress uniform to the sea,
aboard a German Minesweeper that took us back to mainland.

OMG I could write a book about those two days in Helgoland.

Good times!!! :)

Hellen_slith -> RE: Second Armored Jazz Band (1984) (6/4/2020 8:13:34 PM)

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot the best part:

Birdy (who was my "Buddy" as per the "buddy system")
(the white guy play alto sax, as above)

all that time we was try'n to dragging Chief Blake back to his bunk ....

BIRDY dat BIRD He was playing his freaking saxophone all around at people
Wielding it like a M16, blasting notes
(so as to take att'n away from us)

and Birdy led their "ad hoc" parade around the island,

while the rest of us wrestled Chief Blake.
Good times, Good times.

While the rest of us *secured* Chief Blake.
From that day forward, we OWNED Chief Blake,
'b/c we pulled his butt out of the fire.

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