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ineffable -> Radio questions (1/12/2020 12:38:25 PM)

The tooltip for this piece of gear says, "Unit receives the command bonus from your Company command team at all times."

Is this referring to the Co. command tm only? If so does this indicate another level of command (and bonus) above Platoon HQ?

Is this true even if Company command team or Plt HQ arent in the active main force?
ie. is the radio considered to be communicating off-map to either the Co. or Plt command units?

Or should it say "on-map command team", meaning either an active Co. command tm or Plt HQ?

If an active main force is modded so all units have radios would this be the same as having command team radius over the entire map even though no command team is present?


SteveMcClaire -> RE: Radio questions (1/13/2020 9:29:44 PM)

The radio command bonus is from your company command team and the bonus is received even if the company command team is not allocated to the battle (i.e. it is off-map.) Note for modding purposes: the very first unit you see in your main force unit list (right side of the force select screen or left side of the soldier screen) is your company command team. If you mod a battle file and add some weak unit as the very first unit in your main force, well, that's your company commander. :)

Yes, if you give every unit a radio you will effectively have everyone in command radius of the company commander.

ineffable -> RE: Radio questions (1/14/2020 4:21:44 PM)

Thinking to experiment with a mobile commander, I modded a kubelwagen (team #441) to be have a company commander but got no command radius. I'm guessing that, due to the focus on infantry, TBF may not support vehicle-based commanders like previous editions. Then again, lack of a command radius may not necessarily mean lack of command function.

Gonna need you to do a TBF AMA on Reddit to get the full 411.


SteveMcClaire -> RE: Radio questions (1/14/2020 4:59:35 PM)

Correct - vehicles don't have command radii.

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