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composer99 -> Cyprus Lending Problem (1/11/2020 3:38:48 AM)

Just noticed it during final production, but in the game I'm playing with rkr1958, there seems to be a problem with the CW resource lending to France.

As you can see in the embedded picture, despite the fact that the French have spare convoy points in the E and W Med, the Cypriot resource just isn't getting through - even though it also says it's being used for production in Paris.


composer99 -> RE: Cyprus Lending Problem (1/11/2020 3:39:34 AM)

This is our game at its current point (final production).

composer99 -> RE: Cyprus Lending Problem (1/11/2020 3:40:23 AM)

For those who want to tinker, here's a version from further back in the turn (US Entry, before preliminary production).

Gar-Dog -> RE: Cyprus Lending Problem (1/11/2020 5:51:20 PM)

I find the convoy UI to be a little confusing too... But I'm starting to get a little intuition for it.

When I got to France's production, to get it to produce properly, I:
1. went to LAYOUT "Route". (not sure this matters)
2. Clicked "Show Unused Convoys". (not sure this matters)
3. Clicked on radio button in lower left RAIL/SHIP "Where to"
4. Chose Paris

Seems to work, probably with just 3 & 4. Leaves 4 idle factories in France with the Iraqi oil saved in Damascus and 2 BP from the UK coming in across the channel...

composer99 -> RE: Cyprus Lending Problem (1/11/2020 6:03:57 PM)

Seems to work - thanks!

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