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rmwilsonjr -> [Resolved] Download/extract issues with updates (1/10/2020 12:29:14 AM)

I have not been able to update my Matrix version of CMO beyond 11158.1 which I updated through the 'check for updates" button on the launch screen, rather than through the forum when it first came out. I enjoy getting updates, but I have had this same problem for both the 1121.2 and 1121.3 updates and now 1124.1, in that no matter where I extract the download to, the game does not get updated and has stayed at 1158.1. My file structure is very simple. C:\Matrix Games\CMO. As I understand the instructions in this forum, I should download the update, and then extract it to the C:\Matrix Games\CMO folder. When I do that, it does not update the game folder C:\Matrix Games\CMO files; instead, a new file folder C:\Matrix Games\CMO\updatepack_b1124.1 appears and it is within that file that the new command.exe.config (dated 12/10/2019) file is located along with all the other files and folders that were (presumably) extracted from the initial compressed download. I tried extracting the downloaded file to C:\Matrix Games, thinking that might place the new files/folders in the C:\Matrix Games\CMO folder, but it just cluttered up the C:\Matrix Games folder with the extracted files and the game did not update. What am I missing?

Rain08 -> RE: Download/extract issues with updates (1/10/2020 5:08:05 AM)

I had a similar issue with my desktop when I upgraded from 1121.3 to 1121.4. No matter how many times I overwrite the files, the game still stayed on 1121.3. Now when I updated the game in my laptop to 1121.4, it simply did it and it's now on the latest version. The workaround I did is just taking the game files from my laptop and just copying it over to my desktop.

I'm thinking that it might be related to how the temp files work when it comes to extracting them. I suggest that you extract the new files to different folder first (rather than doing it directly), and then you overwrite the game files using that folder. See if it makes any difference.

Dimitris -> RE: Download/extract issues with updates (1/10/2020 5:15:03 AM)

Do you, per chance, have any of those uber-Draconian antivirus/"internet security" products? (Looking at you, NORTON)

rmwilsonjr -> RE: Download/extract issues with updates (1/10/2020 11:56:29 PM)

[&o][&o][&o] Disabling the auto-protect feature on Norton did the trick. Thank you. You and your team are the best.

Dimitris -> RE: Download/extract issues with updates (1/12/2020 1:52:47 PM)

I'll say it again: Norton AV should itself be classified as malware by now.

VPaulus -> RE: Download/extract issues with updates (1/12/2020 3:57:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: Dimitris

I'll say it again: Norton AV should itself be classified as malware by now.

I would include more anti-virus names on that list. [:)]

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