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ineffable -> Commanding P/B/R Soldiers (1/7/2020 5:18:55 PM)

A minor tech issue if any...

I like how not all Panicked/Broken/Routed soldiers are alike, how some will respond to Orders, and how some wont. Then realizing that last 45 seconds of fruitless commandeering from the fruitloop-in-charge might have been better applied elsewhere on the battlefield.

Did notice that soldiers fleeing with Ambush arcs would refuse Sneak commands while, simultaneously, those arcs changed to Defend as they continued rearward. I kinda took this as if those men were blowing raspberries at my pitiful attempts to inspire confidence, as much of an FU as the voice cue "That's suicide!".

Was this the intent or am I reading the behavior all wrong?

Steve McClaire -> RE: Commanding P/B/R Soldiers (1/8/2020 8:23:35 PM)

The arc appears because that man is representing the unit (they should have the unit icon over their head) and we're always showing a default order (ambush or defend) even if the unit hasn't been given one. Whether the arc is ambush or defend will depend mostly on the last thing the unit was doing before it completely disintegrated.

Soldiers will usually rally eventually if they are out of sight of the enemy and within some command circle. Platoon HQs are best but even squad and team leaders can potentially rally separated soldiers.

ineffable -> RE: Commanding P/B/R Soldiers (1/9/2020 3:16:49 AM)

Soldier in question did have the unit icon over him but had no arc. While routing he got the Ambush arc when I ordered him to Ambush but he continued rearward. I then ordered him to Sneak and that's when the Ambush arc turned to a Defend arc. Which was pretty much mooted by his continued flight regardless of arc color or issued command.

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