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ineffable -> Sequential mortar targeting orders (1/7/2020 3:00:08 PM)

With a mortar unit selected I was able to shift+right click and issue multiple fire commands. When the mortar unit completed its original fire mission (line with targeting ring) it shifted fire to the leftmost line, and the middle line disappeared. I like being able to order multple mortar fire missions but feel this implementation may need work.


Steve McClaire -> RE: Sequential mortar targeting orders (1/8/2020 8:25:51 PM)

The 'middle' fire order must have failed for some reason -- check the message list to see why. Possibly it was directed at an enemy unit that was in LOS at the time of the order but was dead/vanished by the time the second fire order started.

ineffable -> RE: Sequential mortar targeting orders (1/9/2020 3:35:12 AM)

That must have been the case - the middle fire line that disappeared was to a target that had moved. I (wrongly) assumed that fire order would default to a 'terrain' fire mission but my high initiative soldiers had a better idea.

Pic below is of 3 terrain mortar fire missions that were executed properly.


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