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Isoko -> Editor Bug (1/7/2020 4:28:55 AM)

only Anti-tank
Patrol Grp
only Warships
Cruiser Grp
only Warships
Escort Grp
only Warships
Can not be selected other advancements
Both + and - do not work

Both + and - do not repeat advancements

- does not repeat advancements

Alvaro Sousa -> RE: Editor Bug (1/7/2020 2:02:52 PM)

The advancements are correct. Units have limited advancements.

You are not putting Heavy Warships in Armor. And let's take that as an example.

Heavy Warships represent modern post WW2 battle ships.
Warships represents WW1 battle ships or other surface ship improvements.

Isoko -> RE: Editor Bug (1/7/2020 4:23:59 PM)

I know it.
Have you checked Editor?
Click + or -.
Can't select unit advancement.


Alvaro Sousa -> RE: Editor Bug (1/7/2020 5:08:54 PM)

Yes. I changed the HQ to only have 1 advancement because as many have pointed out there is no point in having assault for it. it doesn't attack.

I did test the build and the advancement button works just fine. It just limits the advancements on what a unit has available. For HQs it is only 1 advancement.

Isoko -> RE: Editor Bug (1/8/2020 5:03:04 AM)

Have you checked all other units advancement?
Click on + icon and - icon for all units advancement.
Patrol Grp, Cruiser Grp and Escort Grp
+ icon and - icon don't work
Submarine Grp
+ icon and - icon don't repeat advancement.
Other units
- icon don't repeat advancement.

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