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Asberdies -> New political combination (1/5/2020 8:20:04 AM)

In the original boardgame game you could also create the Kingdom of Italy and Westaphalie. Why cant you create those 2 in the computer version?

Daniel Amieiro -> RE: New political combination (3/29/2020 4:35:20 PM)

Not in the computer game.
I have modded years ago the database and make a mod that allows kingdom of Italy, denmark, sweden and two sicilies.
And makes it like the classic game
But i fail to make westphalia, because computer code doesn't allow after to make a proper C. Of Rhine.

pzgndr -> RE: New political combination (7/21/2020 4:46:22 PM)

Something I'm working on this week is an issue with the Conf of the Rhine. COR units in a pbem game are not counting towards combat. When I checked the setup in the 1812 scenario, I noted that although I set COR provinces in the editor they did not get implemented at game start.

So after digging into the create_kingdom function used in the game, I was able to make a customized version of the function that runs at game start to create COR for France. After a couple of trys and troubleshooting, it works like a charm now. However, the kingdom units of COR and Poland are still not working right and I need to figure that out. I suspect the normal attributes for minor country units and major power control are messed up and I need something special for kingdom units.

Anyways, as I was digging, there is also a function for adding provinces to a kingdom. Based on my insights with create_kingdom, I think I can troubleshoot and fix this other function to allow players to add a new eligible province to an already created kingdom. We'll see, but hopefully I can make at least this one improvement and knock out a very old reported bug that players have complained about for years.

At some future point, I may dig deeper into Daniel Amieiro's mod and see what I can do.

pzgndr -> RE: New political combination (8/19/2020 12:39:41 AM)


- 0000099: [Game Enhancement] Please add the ability to add newly captured/ceded provinces or minors to New Political Combinations resolved? (Create Kingdom function should now add province if applicable.)

As posted above with the v1.23.06 Beta update, I think this should be working now. We'll see. It's been on the Mantis bug list forever, bug #99.

pzgndr -> RE: New political combination (9/20/2020 5:38:34 PM)

I am declaring success in resolving Mantis bug #0000099, finally. This request has been lingering since June 2008. Hey, only 12 years and 3 months...

Top pic is from a recent game where Confederation of the Rhine was previously created, and France is at war with Austria.
Middle pic shows Austria still controls Tyrol, so I forced a code change of control to France so that the province is eligible.
Bottom pic shows Tyrol province is now part of Confederation of the Rhine.

As long as the creator of the kingdom is selecting an eligible province and currently owns it or fully controls it, then newly captured/ceded provinces or minors should now be added to existing kingdoms.


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