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Tom Konczal -> [Resolved] Upgrade needed? (1/3/2020 8:02:20 PM)

I purchased this game new from Matrix games. I currently have upgraded to Build 1121.2
with the version number 1.00.11153
I noticed there is an upgrade to version 1.00.11158 in November.
Did build number 1121.2 take care of that upgrade or do I need to install version 1.00.11158 also?
Tom Konczal

Stonedog -> RE: Upgrade needed? (1/4/2020 3:51:18 AM)

11158 is the latest UPDATE to the Base game, so YES you always want to stay updated if possible , and the easy way for you to without all the version digits is look at the dates of the update release.

In this case you have the update from Nov 14...... but on Nov 28 there was another update released . What it is , is as bugs are found, or corrections to game and unit stats etc are made.. they do and release a new update . In this way the game is always improving( Hopefully) and bugs that pop up due to last update are fixed in the next. Just the nature of the beast.

I hope I did not confuse.. but YES you want the Nov 28 Update 11158 for sure.

Cheers !

Stone Dog

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