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Hellen_slith -> FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/3/2020 7:11:22 PM)


Minsk still holds
Riga has fallen, but elements there still hold in suburbs.
28th Army evacuates by sea fr. Riga

South: Kiev holds, as does Odessa.

All are about in the same shape as Minsk:
holding on for dear life, and hoping for reinforcements.

In the extreme North, my opponent noted,
his surprise at Russian / Finnish troubles
(Russians taking a more aggressive stance there than he expected)

One factory (Gomel?) was evacuated last turn ...
will probably evac Kiev factory next ....

We shall see what Stalin decides next.

PS in this game, our house rules have evolved into:
no more that 10 air units on interdict,
and, no partisans


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/11/2020 10:37:12 PM)

@Soviets end of turn 7...

Kiev factory evacuated, city still holds.

Forward recon AGN already poking around near the Luga River
Forward AGC already knocking on the door at Smolensk

German AS as still about 50 to 1 ... need more air!


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/16/2020 7:59:39 PM)

Going over the map now after Soviets turn 8 (July 15, 1941)

We see here Smolensk area is under siege, and Sov air briefing.

Soviet air force is slowly gaining ground,
despite our "house rule" of no more than 10 air units on interdiction
(thus German air interdict level is currently 2%)

At that level, German air is not having much effect on me as far as interdiction on my movement or combat.

Many Soviet ground reinforcements have already railed to this area,
so I hope to be able to stem the German advance in this area, or at least slow it down, before Vyazma.
Moscow Militia continues digging in.

This is the "center" area of AGC at the moment from Soviet PoV:


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/16/2020 8:19:17 PM)

Here we see the map just NE of Smolensk ...
Armored recon elements of AGC are already probing Vyazma,
and there is some heavy German activity around Safonovo.

My opponent is making very fast progress so far.
But, note how many units he has subdivided.

Those divided units continue their advance at great peril.


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/16/2020 8:32:30 PM)

Leningrad Front:

Key points for Soviets to defend are circled in red.
Those points have supply implications for both forces.

Blue circles highlight forward elements of AGN


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/16/2020 8:45:45 PM)

Southwest Front:

Odessa girds its loins.
Kiev holds.

The Black Sea Fleet has sunk some German artillery that was bound no doubt towards Odessa....
and also escorted some Russian forces via sea from Caucusus and Crimea to ports east of Odessa.

AGS has been held at bay so far.


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/16/2020 10:27:36 PM)

Just got Germans move 9, watched playback of move ...
all Soviet major fronts hold, although more forward German elements seem
to be moving toward Leningrad East unopposed,
that is an area that is troubling STAVKA at the moment ....

the bellwether SMOLENSK holds, though ...
Let's see what I can turn up as far as reinforcements for Sovs now ...


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/18/2020 6:41:50 PM)

Some thoughts after finishing Soviets turn 9:

Opponent has expressed some displeasure w/ failing his force proficiency checks.
I suspect that as a result of his many unit subdivisions, and racing those units forward,
that communication / cohesiveness is becoming a problem for him (YAY! for me!)

At the same time, trying to pin those units down and destroy them is problematic for me, too:
e.g., say you have a German unit of just a few motorcycles, a tank, and a few troops ...
they hide within that 2.5 km hex (?) and are very hard to hit sometimes,
and seem to do undue damage to a battalion of Soviets trying to hem them up. Such is war.

But, at the same time, when those little units ARE destroyed,
then he cannot reform the unit until replacements show up ....
And so, his lowered force proficiency lingers, until he can reform?
I've sent many of those Boche back to Berlin so far, so I hope that that will help me in the long run.

Downside / Upside: he has gotten a division or two all the way to Bryansk already ...
and cut a lot of rail lines that are necessary for me to evacuate Soviet factories.
E.g., Leningrad factories are stuck for the moment, until I can get some rail repaired for them.

I hope to have a surprise move for the Colonel this time:
Black Sea Fleet is escorting some Marines to help out Odessa.
Reinforcements are racing towards Bryansk as shown below.

Fingers Crossed for an early Winter! A really fun game,
but such a large scale! At our current rate (3 to four moves a week)
we're looking at a solid two years at least to complete this campaign.

Great scene! See, here, the Bryansk front ... much trouble!


Ammann -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/20/2020 5:08:27 PM)

Amazing ...... the Wehrmacht is already in turn 9 near Bryansk ..... Did you post blocking units at river crossings and important crossroads to slow the advance? Or did you just defend big cities like Kiev, Minsk etc. and just let him advance?

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/20/2020 6:53:54 PM)

Lot of both, didn't seem to matter much.

Different sort of advance, I guess...
Here are some Hungarians that seemed to get blown off course,
They show up east of Leningrad. Hope they brought their coats!


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/21/2020 7:07:16 PM)

a new turn, here at end of playback of Axis move,
prior to Soviet turn 11:

Much encroachment towards Leningrad.
Novaya Ladoga has fallen (but may be taken back) ...

Germans approach Pushkin.
Much nervousness in suburbs South of Leningrad.

Moscow holds, but nervous.

Bryansk has fallen. Factory there ist kaput now.

Novocherkassk factory was evacuated last turn ....

Kiev fights on from the suburbs. Odessa holds.

Looking grim for STAVKA.
It is end of July, will muds help soon?


StuccoFresco -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/22/2020 7:15:48 AM)

i imagined a personification of the city of Moscow sweating nervously.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/30/2020 12:39:10 AM)

Leningrad is the one sweating right now, I cannot imagine him not taking Leningrad in the next move or so.

Moscow is defended enough now (I hope) to get to Winter help....

But, Factory evac. has been pretty much nixed now, w/in the rules,
(can only evac. factories to Urals or designated hex)

due to loss of RR etc. in the Urals.

Not sure how all those bridges / RR got axed so far back, but it was a brilliant move on the Colonel's part.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (1/31/2020 8:07:05 PM)

Okay, I have in hand the Colonel's next move (Axis 14) but have not yet watched the replay. I'm actually scared to watch, b/c of his unforgiving (but expected) German advance, and b/c also my Soviet forces have been almost entirely ineffective (so far) in delaying his advance except on Southwest Front. Last move, I noted some troubling Rumanian action toward Sevastapol and into the Crimea, but I hope to be able to repulse that effort during my next few moves.

The Colonel noted, however (on a bright note!) that he suffered from a failed force check (again!) so, if luck is on my side, he will continue to suffer failing force checks. Keep subdividing those units, Colonel!

As it stands, Leningrad is practically a lost cause at this point, which calls into question the Finns who I expect will be looking for blood along that front as soon as they are activated for action up north.

My strategy (right now, at least prior to Axis 14) is a "holding / building" action, hoping for General Winter to appear, and seeking a "last stand" line perhaps even East of Moscow, if Moscow cannot hold. We'll burn Moscow, if necessary, to stem the advance and possibly find counter-offensive points in Spring.

This has been an utter disaster so far for Soviets, but, if enough reinforcements can be found -- even Babushkas -- we'll lick these Germans yet!

Additional reports will follow ..... [edit:]

Watched the replay.

Leningrad holds, but not for much longer.

Moscow: holds.

Odessa: holds.

Kiev: fights on in the suburbs.

This is starting to look salvageable, with luck.

The failed Force Check on the Germans helped IMMENSELY this last turn.
Only 18,000 moves and a twenty-minute replay this time.

Zaoirtsczge factory evacuated.
Dnepropetrovsk factory evacuated.

Reinforcements are building.
Watch out!! Its Russian time!

kennethfortune -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/1/2020 12:04:42 PM)

Dobry Dyen Tovarisch, translate Good Day Comrade.

I am new to this forum and did not know you were running an AAR. I feel like I am back on Old Baldy at Hohenfels MTC doing an ARTEP AAR.

From the German perspective, its called Blitzkrieg for a reason. As Guderian said, "the safety of a mobile force in the enemy's rear depends upon its continued movement."

Some points. You mention that the 10 interdiction units have been not very effective -- that is because most interdiction missions I have assigned to allied non-fighter units that are not really very strong.

I am still not sure that dividing units make me fail proficiency checks earlier. At this point, I like to let supply and artillery bombardments do most of the killing of surrounded units. Nut that requires breaking units down. The Romanians are good for this as they do not start to receive their basic Infantry replacement turn 49. Fighting too much with Romanians will burn out that force early. In the real Barbarossa the Romanians took crazy casualties fighting for Odessa. The Hungarians on the other hand receive what appears to be an outsized infantry replacement rate.

Last, if your Bryansk Factory did not make it out, I did not see it.

Looking forward to your next move.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/2/2020 3:30:59 PM)

Yes, just sent my move ... Bryansk factory did make it out, I think ...
and another one, can't remember which one. Each factory is about 3000 transport points,
I try to evac. two per turn, if you are close enough to them.

That still leaves about 6000 transport points for troops etc., if I can find the rail line!

Already nearly mid-August 1941 game time in this one, maybe I can still hold Moscow, not sure.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/5/2020 4:18:33 PM)

Some observations after Soviet last turn 14? or 15?:

My opponent expressed some surprise at the quick turn-around in my move, so herewith some idea of my thought process from that.

Leningrad will fall, that's pretty much a given at this point, and that will activate the "second front" involving his Finnish forces. Not looking forward to that.

Moscow seems to be fairly well reinforced though, and I hope that it will hold until Winter.

South: not good, but not as bad as Leningrad. The Rumanians are on a tear down there, and Kiev is now fallen, so the south is worrying, but not lost (yet).

Also, everywhere: I am seeing many of those subdivided units (some of which are MP chits w/ only two motorcycles and light MGs in them) roaming freely.I've been chasing those guys around for WEEKS, and finally, just decided: let them roam. I'll get them, eventually, but this turn I just "cycled" mostly too (pun there)

and am crossing fingers that any benefit to my asset transport sharing will "up" supply for all my units that I did not move that go.

The battle lines right now are pretty much set until Winter, there is not a lot I can do right now, except bide time, defend Moscow, and hope for the best.

The nice thing about TOAW is, that unlike in checkers, one is not REQUIRED to move or engage. For the Soviets right now, just dig in heels and hope for the best!

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/7/2020 5:11:54 PM)

some thoughts about my last move (soviets 16?) just sent ....
no screen shot, as I don't want to give up too much intel :)

Moscow seems to be reinforced enough now to hold until Winter, but ...
who knows? Those lines might get slammed, so it is still a coin toss there, I think.

Leningrad: still holding (surprised at that) but for how long?
The factories there are churning out anti-armor steel plate and reinforcements as fast as they can,but supplies are running low.
Shostakovitch is hurrying to complete his Leningrad Symphony there under siege conditions,
and civilians in Tallin are fighting viciously w/ only pitchforks and broomsticks against unexpected Rumanian oppressors.

Moscow is in contact w/ remnants of AGS stuck deep behind enemy lines.

Odessa awaits orders to evacuate to Sevastapol.

This is a vicious fight. For the Motherland!


StuccoFresco -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/12/2020 7:10:41 AM)

Will you consider subdividing small units like cavalry ones to chase the roaming Germans? Those guys could disrupt railways and supply lines.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/13/2020 1:48:44 AM)

Nah, I'm not going to devote 1/3 of a regiment to chase around two guys with a motorcycle and a machine gun.

Which is almost literally what a subdivided German MP unit is.

They must have a pretty big gas tank to drive halfway across Russia.

kennethfortune -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/14/2020 2:17:15 PM)

There is actually about 145 men per unit. They are stealing gas from Old Men and Babushkas and making them help tear up RRs at gun point.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/14/2020 2:50:16 PM)

Ah, so stealing the peasant's самогон and running on that home-brew, eh?

Pic of a Russian "Gas Station":


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/14/2020 9:00:41 PM)

Ok,I just can't keep silent any more...
I'm a pretty easy going fellow, I just like to play.

I can take Italians on the Luka River in my other FitE1 game.
I can take Rumanians in Tallinn in THIS game.
I can take Hungarians air-dropping around Leningrad.
But what I can't take, is continual Finnish encroachment.

I have watched Finland air units flying all sorts of sorties out of bounds.
That's okay. I didn't say anything.
But now, ground units are over stepping the stop line.

You were supposed to wait until Leningrad FALLS before over stepping that line.
I'm going to chalk this up to me being such a great player,
that these things have to happen. That's okay. Just makes it all the more challenging to me.

But seriously ... come ON, man. You don't have to use these kind of tricks to beat little ol' ME, do you?
I mean ... come ON, man. <sigh>


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/14/2020 9:59:35 PM)

Well, just finished watching the Colonel's playback of move,
all I can say is ... wow. I *think* I still held Leningrad,
but have to reiterate, keep those Finns back, Colonel Dawg, until it falls officially.
Some enroachment was there, I think, so 15 yard penalty please on you :)

But is ok, that Leningrad town was toast ... I am surprised that it held so long.

OK, well, now it is my turn again (Soviet turn 19 August 24th 1941)

Mud / Rain / Snow cannot get here soon enough!! Let's see what I can find in the magician's hat :)


kennethfortune -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/15/2020 12:40:39 PM)


On the Finns. I had captured the two identified Leningrad hexes on previous turns - I can certainly stop the Finns until the entire urban area around Leningrad is captured. As to the air units, none have ever been stationed outside of the stop line area. I have had them on either Air Superiority or Ground Support the entire game. They have launched no strikes beyond the stop line, they have performed auto support beyond the line run by the game program. Thus you have seen them involved in combat. I cannot stop that. Do you hold that the Finns should not fire artillery beyond the stop line or perform Naval Ops around Finland? I will hold the Finns where they are until the last two urban hexes go.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/19/2020 3:01:47 PM)

No problem, I was just noting that one last hex w/ the factory on it (and the factory itself) as still in Soviet hands. Moot point now-- Leningrad is entirely toast, so drive on.

If you take Moscow, I will surrender, but I am fighting for it. Morale has tanked all across the front. Your artillery strikes are cutting the Soviets to shreds.

At least I managed to evac most of the factories except Leningrad, so maybe there is enough juice left for me to make at least a cursory stab come the snow. If Moscow can last that long.

Well done!

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/24/2020 5:59:03 PM)

Sept. 1, 1941:


In light of the destruction of Leningrad,
and to forestall the impending destruction of Moscow and Stalingrad,

Soviet military leaders work up the courage to sue for peace.

Moscow's art treasures are saved,
at the cost of ceding 1000s upon 1000s of square miles for German Liebensraum....
and millions of peasants face starvation, slave labor, or worse ... at the hands of the Reich.

The German strategy has won an overwhelming victory!
Well done, Colonel! Kudos!

StuccoFresco -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/25/2020 10:34:01 AM)

Endgame map?

kennethfortune -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/25/2020 4:47:38 PM)

Ничего не поделаешь.

Ken Fortune

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 (Fortuna [AXIS] v. Hellen [SOVS]) (2/26/2020 5:01:37 PM)

Soviet Debriefing:

My downfall came early on;
had I understood the German strategy earlier,
I may have been able to put up a better front.

Essentially, I tried a very flawed defense against a highly stylized Blitzkrieg that simply wiped out the Soviets.
I kept my units together and did not subdivide as I should have to be able to meet the German subdivisions at the same level of operation.

As a result, my opponent was able to infiltrate at a level that I was simply unable to answer.
We were, in essence, playing two different styles of war, and his was overwhelmingly successful.

At the end, I realized that I was fighting an entirely different type of "map" that he controlled entirely, and would control, all the way to the Urals.

I am simply not same level of player. It was as if, as a Class B Chess player, I was fighting a Grandmaster: simply no chance.

It was simply no contest, and Mr. Fortune deserves a better fight, a better opponent. Perhaps against cpt flam or another, he would have more challenge,

but I was simply crushed. At the last battle, when Moscow Front could not even scratch his paratroops at the Volga, and rails / reinforcements were entirely failed,

I realized that it was a lost cause. To save the treasures of Moscow, I capitulated.

Even Shostakovitch, in this go, did not finish his Leningrad Symphony.

Anyway, it was fun for a while, but descended (for the Soviets) into utter annihiliation.
This man is a Master, if not a Grandmaster. I bow to his skills.

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