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gwgardner -> Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/1/2020 3:30:36 PM)

I'm doing a Soviet only campaign, starting with Barbarossa, 1941. The AI is playing both the AXIS and all other Allied countries.

Normal difficulty.

I will only report occasionally, perhaps at the beginning or end of campaigning seasons.

The first sitrep is Oct. 9, 1941. It's the first turn of widespread bad weather in Russia, and the winter is apparently coming early, as it's not just rain, but lots of snow.

My Soviet strategy has been to generally withdraw, but to attempt to hinder the AXIS advance where possible without taking too many losses - for instance setting up strongpoints along rivers or rail juction cities, but being willing to abandon those positions when the AXIS really applies pressure there.

The AI strategy has been:

1) AGN to approach Leningrad from both the north and south of Lake Piepus;
2) AGC a broad thrust through Minsk and Smolensk towards Moscow
3) AGS a broad thrust to Kiev, then towards Kharkov and Kursk, Rostov on the Don, and the Crimea.

Not a lot of armored concentration by the AI, but the strategy has succeeded in a generally historical advance up to early October. Once the muddy season is over and the ground freezes, I expect a surge of AI activity across all fronts.

As yet I have no coherent defensive line anywhere except before Moscow and Leningrad. Even there, my line is quite porous.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/1/2020 3:33:16 PM)

In the south, Kiev fell by August, and the AXIS has advanced to the gates of Kharkov and Kursk, but is still held out of the Crimea and approx. 150 miles from Rostov on the Don. Their armored thrusts are shown on the map.

As is clear, the German armor has far outstripped the infantry's ability to keep up. I look for ways to cut off the armored spearheads, but their strength has for the most part been to great to succeed.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/1/2020 3:38:51 PM)

In the north I feel good about the situation at the start of bad weather. I'll have several weeks to shore up the lines, hopefully, getting anyhwere from 5 to 10 infantry corps per week in reinforcements. I want to hold on to rail lines liking Moscow to Leningrad. Velkile Luki is a major hub, but is now held only by a dwindling garrison that could not be withdrawn.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/1/2020 3:41:00 PM)

Elsewhere, the British have forced an Italian withdrawal back all the way to Tripoli. So far there is no sign of a German interest in holding Africa.

Rasputitsa -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/2/2020 7:49:41 PM)

Nice to see the game going again, looking forward to seeing how it works out.

Anguille -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/5/2020 10:40:29 AM)

Good luck with this!

gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/8/2020 2:06:14 PM)

End of year 1941, Dec 26

There is snow and ice everywhere. The German advance has slowed, but their armor is still capable of localized punches - they simply can't exploit those holes.

Overall the current front is fairly close to historical, with German lead panzers 40 miles from Moscow, 20 miles from Rostov on the Don, at the gates of Sevastopol, and threatening to cut off Leningrad.

Russian lines are still very porous, and in some areas of the steppes south of Moscow and all the way to the Don, not even a complete zone of control line. I think I may have made a bit of a blunder producing higher quality, and larger units - armies instead of corps. I'm not getting the 10 new units a turn as I had hoped, but more like 4 or 5.

For the Germans however, exploiting the weaknesses in the Soviet line is problematical because their infantry simply cannot keep up with their armor. If only the Soviets had more troops, some of those armored spearheads would be in danger of being cut off. As it is, any such attempt by the Soviets has been severely punished.

At this point, I cannot predict a Soviet winter offensive.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/8/2020 2:15:50 PM)

Near Leningrad, the German intent is clear - push to the northeast of the city to cut off its rail communications. I think that can be dealt with, but barely. There are still two rail lines open, with one very near being cut.

Much of the Leningrad defense is static, with troops hunkered down in fortifications and incapable of moving out.

The forests and swamps are clearly the key to victory here, but those German armored forces threatening the rail lines are currently held up only by the weather and extended supply lines.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/8/2020 2:20:56 PM)

Moscow is teetering on disaster, with Soviet infantry incapable of a counter-punch, and steadily being worn down by enemy armor.

It's a race now between Soviet production and German armor, to hold on to the capitol.

The flanks of the Moscow front are currently at Kalinin in the north and Tula in the south.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/8/2020 2:25:09 PM)

In the South, the Ukrainians have been granted their own national recognition by their German overlords. The great breadbasket has been completely overrun.

What looked like a decent defensive line to hold the Crimea, in October, was completely shattered rather quickly. The decision was made to simply try to hold Sevastopol for as long as possible, and to fortify the Kerch Strait. If Rostov on the Don holds, that may succeed in keeping the enemy out of the oil producing areas.

Here in the South, again, there are only two things holding up the German advance - the weather slows the armor, and the infantry still cannot keep up. The only Soviet hope is that both will continue, till a line is formed.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/8/2020 2:37:54 PM)

In the far north, a raging battle for Soviet supply lines to the sea is being waged. The Finns have advanced relentlessly, against not only the weather but a long supply train.

The Soviets have committed strong forces to keep that rail line open, but it just won't be possible to commit more at this point.

An effort will be made to flank the Finnish advance and completely cut their supply line.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/8/2020 2:41:50 PM)

In the Crimea, German siege forces are approaching Sevastopol. The armored force that broke into the penninsula has moved east, but will be too late and too poorly supplied to cross the straits.


gwgardner -> RE: Occasional AAR - Human player only Soviets (1/12/2020 12:05:29 PM)

Feb 6, 1942

Looking grim around Moscow. The Germans have taken the southern outskirts of the city, and have 4 panzer corps attempting to breach the defenses.

I see no sign of a 'first winter' effect, which I had hoped would greatly reduce German strength.

Doubtful Moscow can hold.

Definitely my earlier build choice, building quality over quantity, was a BIG mistake. I should have gotten the troops on the ground in untrained state, then gradually upgraded them. Anything to put up roadblocks to the German advance.


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