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exsonic01 -> Witch's Cauldron scenario, and suggestion for SS. (12/31/2019 4:11:43 AM)

In witch's cauldron scenario, I remember I fought against T80BVs years ago. But during the recent game, I only saw T-80B1s. This scenario was kinda easy to German, and now I think balance is gone... Whey did you changed Russian tanks to T80B1s? Could you upload T-80BVs version as well for this mission? I'm talking about PBEM balance.

Maybe, in the SS, how about implement an option to let players selects the tier of units?

MBT: T-80U, T-80BV, T-72B obr 1989, T-72B, ...
IFV: BMP-2D, BMP-2 obr 1986, BMP-2 obr 1984, BMP-1 ...
Then, let scenario designer set the maximum point limit for each faction, and players will be forced to optimize his force structure. Same goes to AI forces.

What I suggested in suggestion post was some sort of "skirmish battle" or "free formation", which is to let players "purchase" their own units to create their own formation for battalion / regiment / brigade / division.

Option to select the tier of units also would be good enough... But I wish to have more freedom for force configuration so I think "free formation" option would be much better if possible.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Witch's Cauldron scenario, and suggestion for SS. (12/31/2019 2:48:47 PM)

Scenario forces have not been touched on any Red Storm scenarios. There is a chance that Germany Reforged scenarios may be different from Flashpoint Germany ones in certain cases.

As for selection of units in a scenario, not something we can do the way scenario selection and build is done right now. We are looking at some easier ways for people to make new scenarios and may be able to slowly approach a system closer to what you are suggesting. More than likely an effort that is post Release at this point. [8D]

exsonic01 -> RE: Witch's Cauldron scenario, and suggestion for SS. (1/3/2020 3:06:51 AM)

Sounds like an idea. Me (and probably others) would want some sort of freedom for the configuration of forces for PBEM games.

I think actually a lot of people expressed some concerns or dissatisfaction regarding balance of scenarios. There are some obviously unbalanced scenarios as you may know.

Making a scenario making easier can be a way, but options like 'free formation' and let players 'purchase' and 'build' their own formation based on some point / slot limit would bring more interest to players.

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