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oldMarinePanzer -> TOE Upgrade as Russian Player (12/31/2019 1:11:09 AM)

So I am playing GGWitE as the Russian player. I like to edit the game's parameters and I created my own Russian Tank Corps. I also created a Guards Tank Corps to which the first non-Guards Tank Corps should upgrade to, inserting that line number for the OB upgrade so that the game engine will update to that new OB unit when the requirements are met (during the game they do). Well the game updates the unit to a different Guards Tank Corps than the one I set in the OB entry, the unit to which I designate the game to update my unit. My question: Is there something I am missing for coding the game parameters to define the Guards unit the game should upgrade to? Is the only thing I must do is put the unit to which I want to update in the "Upgrade" field in the OB table? Do dates also have to be set? Both units exist for the length of the scenario.

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