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CaptCharles -> Transporting aircraft (12/28/2019 5:04:28 PM)

I need to know how to load aircraft onto ships other than aircraft carriers for transport.

BillBrown -> RE: Transporting aircraft (12/28/2019 5:31:36 PM)


BBfanboy -> RE: Transporting aircraft (12/29/2019 2:27:35 AM)



Use a Transport TF and the TF has to be docked and then use load troops function.

Or an Air Transport TF if you have an AKV or AK or xAK available.

After being carried in an AKV, the air group will be available the turn after it is landed.
After landing from and Air Transport AK or xAK, the air group requires a day to be reassembled so the second day after landing it will be ready.
After landing from a Transport TF the aircraft will need three full days for reassembly and testing - ready on the fourth day after landing.
xAKLs can be in a Transport TF but not an Air Transport one. I think Tankers and AP/xAPs might also be able to carry aircraft in a Transport TF but I am not sure if anything other than supply could then be added to those ships to use their capacity.

EDIT: PS - your question is not about technical problems with the computer or program, it is a game play "how to" question that properly should be asked in the War Room or Main Forum section.

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