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pjg100 -> Japanese morale (12/21/2019 3:30:16 AM)

I have noticed that in every game I have played, Japanese morale drops to 90% on the first or second turn. Typical Japanese first turn moves - shuffling forces, attacking Chinese units, etc. Is that WAD?

BillRunacre -> RE: Japanese morale (12/21/2019 8:10:32 PM)


Do you mean in September-October 1939?

Such a drop would signify a National Morale script firing that perhaps shouldn't be, particularly as Japan should be gaining NM from its conquests in China.

pjg100 -> RE: Japanese morale (12/21/2019 10:51:12 PM)

Yes, Sept/Oct 39. I have noticed this happening several times, including in my current game. There were no events that should have triggered a drop in JA morale.

BillRunacre -> RE: Japanese morale (12/22/2019 12:34:03 PM)


I've just taken a look and the good news is that there is no bug, as Japan actually starts at 90% National Morale to reflect that it's already been fighting in China and Manchuria since 1931, and also to partially offset that it will be gaining NM from its occupation of China.

pjg100 -> RE: Japanese morale (12/22/2019 2:48:05 PM)

Thanks Bill.

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