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AlexDetrojan -> Flashpoint Newbie (12/20/2019 7:38:59 PM)

Hi all, I just got this game, and am a bit overwhelmed. I am in the process of reading the manual, but was surprised there is no tutorial I could find. I'm heavily into WW2 games and thought I would easily transition into modern ops...boy was I wrong. The level of complexity in modern operations is nothing like WW2 ops. So I'm seeking you gentlefolk's kind insights on to how to get up and running on this what looks to be, fascinating game.
Thanks in advance.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/20/2019 9:23:08 PM)


There is a Tutorial and Quick Start document in the game's Help menu that goes along with a Turorial Scenario. That will give you a number of the basic ins and outs of the game. There are also a number of pinned threads in the forum here which have good information and also a lot of inputs in the sub-forums on strategy and systems capabilities. Plus we are around and other players as well to answer questions.[8D]

ctcharger -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/20/2019 10:17:06 PM)

So this is what I learned so far.

NATO airpower is more of a liability than an asset. People here will tell you to use your artillery to suppress the Soviet anti-air assets you find but I never seem to be able to. I use them only if I have to as they are just free VPs for the Soviets. Soviet airpower is better only because NATO has such crappy anti-air units.

Plan your moves so you aren't constantly giving new orders to everyone. It will expose your HQ to artillery strikes and because of the delay, they won't get anything done if they are always reacting.

If you are on the defensive, better keep your guys under cover. Any dreams you have of your M-1s running into the open field shredding bad guys is just that, a dream.

When you are attacking, we wary of a NATO unit dropping a minefield exactly where you want to go. All of your guys stack up and get blasted to bits by NATO artillery.

Smoke and bad weather favor NATO due to their thermal sights. Drop smoke on your guys to mess with the Soviets.

Keep an eye on your flanks with at least screening forces, I never seen anyone edge crawl in this game but they will test your flanks and if nobody is home...

Use the OB tab to look for guys out of command, drag them to a close HQ or move them into range so they get resupplied.

Don't be afraid to pop some bridges!

Blast away at obvious defensive spots and try to avoid putting your guy in the same.

Now and then, I put all my artillery guys on counter-battery hoping to get someone and keep 'em guessing. Sometimes it actually works.

I like to use Assault move quite a bit. Slower but safer...

Move your main HQ around often, otherwise they will get blasted by artillery especially if you are blasting out orders every turn.

Mad Russian -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/20/2019 11:51:49 PM)

Check the War Room for tips as well. It is one of the threads pinned to the top of the page.

The main difference I see between modern combat and WW2 combat is the speed of operations. Modern combat takes place at a very fast pace. Until you can get yourself to plan ahead of what is happening you will find it tough to beat your opponent. AI or otherwise.

Hope this helps.

Good Hunting.


ctcharger -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/21/2019 8:21:34 PM)

Make sure you understand the scenario naming convention:

Who against?
H=best played against a human
N=best played against Soviet CPU
W=Best played against NATO CPU


CapnDarwin -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/21/2019 10:59:07 PM)

Welcome back ct. Thanks for the helping hand. [&o]

ctcharger -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/22/2019 12:01:49 AM)

Glad to help!

ctcharger -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (12/28/2019 4:41:30 PM)

a few more tips that were given to me:

check your readiness even at the start, no shame in setting them to resupply to before sending them out

keep helos in low areas out of LOS, this will help them avoid getting shot down (skeptical of this one but we will see..)

Try to stay out of LOS to keep the bad guys from dropping artillery on you, not always avoidable though...

Okayrun3254 -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (3/7/2020 1:28:09 PM)

What do the numbers in the LOS overlay represent?

Zakalwe101 -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (3/9/2020 11:14:59 AM)

I think it's the percentage chance a target will be seen in that particular hex from the selected hex. I'm not sure if it is a basic chance subject to adjustments due to the observers optical devices and/or the targets size or type (foot or vehicle).

CapnDarwin -> RE: Flashpoint Newbie (3/9/2020 11:41:09 AM)

It is a basic percentage of visual clarity into the hex based on the visual hindrances of the intervening hexes. It provides a rough idea of LOS. Other systems like thermals and unit types such as recon may see enemy units into poor hexes.

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