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Saturnian -> .50 Cal Conserving Ammo (12/20/2019 7:57:56 AM)

Maybe someone has already addressed this, but I keep forgetting to bring it up so want to before I forget again. I have found that the .50 caliber MG starts the battle conserving ammunition and so does not fire on the enemy.

However, if they expend all of this ammunition, then they do end up reloading and their ammunition count goes up. Perhaps it is a different type of round, but either way they do not maximize their firepower. I never really got to utilize them to their full potential as a result of this.

I think I've encountered this on some other weapons as well, like maybe flaks, but it was most obvious with the .50 cal.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: .50 Cal Conserving Ammo (12/20/2019 8:49:53 PM)

Will look. The .50 cal does have AP and ball ammo. It may be starting with the AP loaded and then deciding it's a waste fire that ammo at non-vehicle targets (unless you give them a fire order.)

Markowicz -> RE: .50 Cal Conserving Ammo (12/23/2019 4:35:05 PM)

This happens with other weapons too. In Sbiba Counterattack, I had a Panzer III who was engaged by a T30 75mm gun halftrack and was only firing mg at it. I pulled up the soldier list and the gunner had a status; APCR1 saving ammo. After I manual directed him to fire, he fired that round and then APC45 rounds popped up. The T30 is firing 75mm shells at the tank and he's saving ammo??? What's up with that???

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