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FlashXAron_slith -> Changing the possible DICE results ... (12/19/2019 7:53:04 AM)

as I prefer more that "logic" way to play a game, the possible random effect in that game is way too much !
It only contributes to "save scum" and should be avoided at any cost , special in serious strategy games ...

so it is worse game design, in my opinion , if it is possible to have all results possible, eg.

it shows you will lose 0 and the enemy will lose 7 and there are results from
you will lose 3 and enemy nothing to an insta kill of the enemy ...

better should be that depending on your supporting general and spy level , the prediction should be accurate !
and the values should only differ between +/- 1 point ... and critical should be max 2 difference !
so it is more a strategy game and not a casino gamble [:D]

any game design, which motivates to save scumming isn't a good decision, in my opinion ...

SO IS IT POSSIBLE TO REDUCE that with the editor ?
Or somehow ?


BillRunacre -> RE: Changing the possible DICE results ... (12/19/2019 3:20:46 PM)


The way things work, I think that would require knowing more about the enemy's HQ and artillery support than your forces can currently see, and so the only way I can really think of would be to turn Fog of War off.

You could perhaps give this a try to see if it gives the combat predictions and results more in line with what you're hoping for?

FlashXAron_slith -> RE: Changing the possible DICE results ... (12/19/2019 11:42:24 PM)

hhmm why should FOG of War reduce the random dice ...
what I mean was, if I have a battle ... and save before that

one time, I am losing nothing and kill the enemy unit
When I reload the same fight , next time I am losing 3 points and the enemy nothing ...

I mean that this RANDOM DICE has to much range ... maybe it is 1W10 ? or 1W100
I don't know, but I mean ...

so when the prediction is 0 vs 7 win, there shouldn't be possible a 3 vs 0 losing ...

in that case, I would think, that only a result range from :
losing 0-1 point and the enemy from 6-8 points , should be possible ....

at the moment, when you reload the same battle over and over you could have ALL !!! results, as I have seen in that case
losing 0-4 points and enemy from 0-13 points ...

SO THE DICE and RANGE is to much ... so if the game uses 1W10 , 1W4 would be enough ...
so it depends more, how I organize my troops and where and when I attack AND NOT WHICH DICE I am rolling, which is the case at the moment ...

That is what I wanted to say ... the prediction , what result could be possible is some other discussion and has more immersion background !

I think FINAL FANTASY 2 doesn't use any RANDOM DICE , if I remember correct ... it only depends, on the used troops and terrain.
In your game that RANDOM FACTOR for battle results is way too high !

and it only encourage players to savescum !
(compare it with role playing games, where your thief has a 10% chance to open that insane luxury chest with an legendary item ... LOL you could imagine, how often your players will reload !
So that is a worthless gamedesign ...)

Hope I was able to explain what I mean ...

I want to reduce the range of that random dice

BillRunacre -> RE: Changing the possible DICE results ... (12/20/2019 5:01:32 PM)

I see, in which case to remove the random dice roll from combat, open the relevant campaign in the Editor and go to Campaign -> Edit Combat Data

You'll see that on the top right against each unit there are two fields:

Combat Losses +/- (Attacker)
Combat Losses +/- (Defender)

Change those to 0 against all unit types.

Click Ok, then press File -> Save As and give your edited campaign a new name.

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