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Maxamx -> [Resolved] Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 9:29:38 AM)


I have issue with Stamen maps launch (Steam version, build 11158). Maps are not uploading after choosing in game menu (black background only).

One more thing: I'm not able to visit stamen web-page (I'm from one of the 'stan countries, guess it might be simply banned). Does the game sources maps from there in 'live' mode?

Are there any 'offline' options I can use?

Thank you in advance for support!

kevinkins -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 3:29:30 PM)

Can't answer your question, but interested in "black background only". I do not use Stamen since the map is so white I can't see plotted courses well. Do you have a work around setting I am missing? Thanks.


Maxamx -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 3:59:19 PM)

Hi Kevin,

Regarding black background: i mean that the globe surface has no textures/maps on it. It's just black (assumed no maps uploaded).

kevinkins -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 4:12:01 PM)

Oh, OK thanks. My eyes are too old to make out the plotted courses against such a white background across much of the world. Wish they would give us an option to change the color of the plots to something with more contrast. The same for reference points. They are camouflaged. Not a big deal, but colored plots and points would be nice at some point.


thewood1 -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 4:23:44 PM)

Have you tried the standard BMNG map? Or even the the relief map? I think both of those are part of the offline system.

Maxamx -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 4:33:20 PM)

BMNG and all other maps are working just fine. I'm eager to try cities and roads feature which is brought by stamen maps and not working for me. Not that crucial (considering CMANO basic maps dont have it at all) but feel myself cut in features. Just wonder about alternative solutions + the question about where maps are sourced from or how the uploading during the game works (blocked stamen page might be an answer to an entire problem).

Maxamx -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 4:41:12 PM)

Kevin, I really support your idea to have a UI customizing tool at hand. If we had a big enough modding community there...[8|]

Not talking about scenarios and support which is great.

kevinkins -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/17/2019 8:11:44 PM)

My standard map setup is just BMNG plus Borders and Coastlines. The others are used as tools on an as needed basis except Stamin - Terrain for the reasons I mentioned above. But I do use Stamin - Roads - Cities to place stuff on the map in their correct positions. The map is very helpful and worth the wait as it loads up.


guanotwozero -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/18/2019 7:29:59 AM)

Most of the time I use the same.

Sometimes, though, I use Google Earth to relate a scenario to the real world, and I find Sentinel and Stem roads very useful there. For example, in the first Northern Fury scenario, I noticed quite a few radar and SAM sites are there in real life (and maybe others at the time of the scenario). It helps with immersion and understanding the landscape.

Maxamx -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/18/2019 1:29:55 PM)

That's all great but my Stamens not working.

Guys, anyone knows regarding Stamen Cities & Roads specifically:
1) Where from does the game sources the maps?
2) Any offline solution I can use instead?


Rory Noonan -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (12/24/2019 3:28:53 AM)

Logged for investigation.


Maxamx -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (7/22/2020 1:08:01 PM)

Dear forum keepers and game developers,

I skipped playing for couple of months so that new updates being issued. Launched recently and all the maps are working just fine and much-much faster.

Consider this solved/fixed.

Many thanks!

RoryAndersonCDT -> RE: Stamen Maps Issue (7/22/2020 3:19:38 PM)

Thank you for getting back to us, glad things are working well. Cheers!

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