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stormbringer3 -> Campaigns. (12/16/2019 9:02:01 PM)

What's the difference between Call to Arms and Triple Alliance since they both start the same?
Thanks for any info.

Sugar -> RE: Campaigns. (12/16/2019 10:42:53 PM)

Maybe Italy perhaps? [X(]

nox165 -> RE: Campaigns. (12/16/2019 11:18:00 PM)

in the triple alliance, Italy will join the central powers.

stormbringer3 -> RE: Campaigns. (12/17/2019 1:34:12 AM)

Thanks, I missed the obvious.

GibClaret80 -> RE: Campaigns. (12/26/2019 10:51:25 PM)

Will anymore campaigns be added to the game ??

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