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GloriousRuse -> Interest in a player-run campaign? (12/16/2019 6:45:06 PM)

I was thinking of running a short multi-multi player campaign, with some very simplified operational level rules linking together a series of battles between each side, to be fought out in FPRS. Essentially the scenario would be that the 1st Western Front broke the British I Corps and is poised to penetrate west of Hannover, but shattered their initial assault echelons doing it. The operational maneuver group is marching to exploit, but VII Corps has committed 3ID to counterattack and contain the penetration.

We'd be looking at four to six turns with two-three battles per turn, and simple decisions about march order (bot sides are racing to the gap...the order units arrive in will generally affect who ends up fighting who) and commitment of higher level support assets like the DIVARTY/CAG, Aviation Brigade/Attack Avairation Regiment and airpower.

Refit book-keeping would be kept to a minimum.

Would anyone be interested in playing or helping to ref?

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