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ineffable -> Empty Unit List (12/14/2019 1:57:15 PM)

Vanilla GC. After 2d battle on Point 290 went Back out of Debrief to Command and exited game. Assume the game auto-saves when using Debrief->Back button. Resumed saved GC at the Debrief with an empty Unit list on the left panel of Soldiers screen with the Plt HQ soldiers displayed in the right panel.

ineffable -> RE: Empty Unit List (12/14/2019 3:42:17 PM)

When the Debrief/Sodiers unit list is empty you can still click on the empty slots and see the normal unit details in the right panel.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Empty Unit List (12/16/2019 3:58:02 PM)

Thanks for the report. Can you perhaps provide the savegame?



ineffable -> RE: Empty Unit List (12/17/2019 12:11:23 AM)

Here is a save from later in the GC when it happened again. Think its because I backed out of the Debrief to Command and restarted later. Anyhoo, the save is a copy of that restart showing a blank Unit list in Debrief.

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