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xan2622 -> [Feature Request] Download all Sentinel-2 Textures for CMO (12/14/2019 10:44:47 AM)


I know that there is a link that provides Sentinel-2 Textures for TacView (60 Gb):

btw, some players seem to have some issues to download all these images from this OneDrive repository:

That is why I hope that you will allow to download all these files thanks to Bittorrent. Creating a .torrent file would help players download all these tiles easily, and then, those who finished downloading the images could let other players download them by seeding. But it's another topic.

But my main question is: Is it possible to use these images for CMO itself? And how?

The link (above) mentions that these images are at a lower resolution than the ones that we can see in CMO (that is how I understand the sentence).
I guess CMO downloads the Sentinel-2 tiles on the fly from a remote server (that's what I've been told).

It seems that the tiles are downloaded into \Command - Modern Operations\WW\Cache\S2Cloudless\
Couldn't we download the whole Sentinel-2 Texture pack (HD resolution) and extract it to the CMO installation folder, in order to complete the cache folder?

I have a fiber internet connection and plenty of free space on my SSD but despite that, it seems that the Sentinel-2 tiles take time to download tiles or to display them.

EDIT: it seems, at first sight, that the (60 Gb) images used by Tacview are not compatible with the ones in the \Cache\S2Cloudless\ folder.
The former are 2048x2048 images while the later are 256x256.
So, to answer my own question: no, it's not possible to use these Tacview Sentinel-2 textures for the CMO cache.

xan2622 -> RE: Download all Sentinel-2 Textures for CMO (12/27/2019 12:23:24 PM)

I wish CMO could feature the bittorrent protocol, as an alternate way to download all map/layers tiles in the background.
There are several libraries available for .Net: https://github.com/search?l=C%23&o=desc&q=net+bittorrent&s=stars&type=Repositories

And once all tiles are downloaded on a player's computer, then, CMO could start seeding the images to other players, in the background.
This way, long time players would help other new players get the map images in the cache folder.

Rory Noonan -> RE: Download all Sentinel-2 Textures for CMO (12/28/2019 12:55:39 AM)

This is a feature request; can you add it to the dedicated feature request thread?

xan2622 -> RE: Download all Sentinel-2 Textures for CMO (12/28/2019 7:55:55 AM)


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