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Trooper_One -> Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/14/2019 9:56:15 AM)

I played the "Call to Arms" campaign and got a major victory in Jan 1917 on my first try (regular settings).

Although I did some mistakes at the beginning I had the impression the game was way too easy from the setup (particulary compared to the main WW2 game).

-Command Level 4 gives you ~5 HQ in the 9/10 range which is just insane

-I didnt declare war on Belgium and gave Italy South Tyrol to avoid a fourth front. Once France declared war on Belgium her fate was basically sealed because you can advance through the North.

-Turkey stayed out of the war (for what reasons idk) but was maxed out in key reserach and could have been another superpower in waiting (didnt even need it)

-Once Paris was taken the battle results ended in 8:0, 7:0 and so on, although Corps were still at Infrantry Weapon 1.

-The amount of Corps you can rebuild at 150 MPP is beyond. You never run into MPP issues, the asterix units are available 2 months after they got destroyed, supply is always 6+. You literally run over the battlefield in Blitzkrieg Style floating infantry Corpses in.

-The power and amount of naval units once upgraded to +1 navy is astonishing. In 1916 I had 10 +3 Subs and all the German Marine around the UK, who couldnt do anything against it. That fact that WW1 U-Boats can sail the entire Atlantic forever is pure fantasy (imho)

-Once you win the West and put your 20+ Corps to the East with 3 x 10-HQ its a matter ~5 turns until Russia surrenders. On the South (Kiew etc.) progress is slower because Austrian Units are slower in research but I had the feeling even here advance is not an issue during summer.

To sum it up: compared to WW2 I think the setup for the Center Powers is way too generous. Its not the AI but more the "hardware" you get. A +2 Weapon +1 mobility Corps on a 10-Hindenburg (all available 1916) is literally a WW2 medium Tank army on the battlefield w/o double strike. Since WW1 was a trench war the actions points of foot units seem too high. Also entrenchment never really got me, after 2 attacks with losses you regularily blow out the unit with the 3rd attack even w/o artillery.

I guess you I can mingle with the settings to make it harder but thats not what I do with a game.
Few things on the positive: Air units dont seem to have any decisive role besides spotting, which I think gets well with reality. The tank research is reasonable (although there was no time left to deploy them). All in all the historic contexts are very well made and interesting. This game has alot of potential once you manage to get more of a "WW1-grind" on it.

ivanov -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/14/2019 10:30:23 AM)

I'd suggest you to try giving the AI an experience bonus. The standard setting is really an "easy one". If you give the AI experience bonus, it will start playing more aggressively like human and you will hardly have spare MPP's to invest and rebuild. I think it's a question of finding an adequate setting for one's particular skill.

shri -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/14/2019 12:00:54 PM)

Play at Expert or at-least Veteran level. switch off the AI spotting but allow the AI that extra MPP (some 20% IMHO) and watch the fun. AI hits you with constant counter-attacks and does very good research.

Yogol -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/14/2019 8:20:16 PM)

Odd that you don't mention Russia?

Russia surrendered to me very fast. Once Turkey joined (diplomacy FTW), Russia did send half it's forces there and the central powers walked over them and after capturing Kiew, they surrendered.

And, yes, keeping Italy out of the war is too easy in my opinion.

Trooper_One -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/15/2019 12:39:02 PM)

I will try stronger AI if this means smarter and more tactical turns by the opponent.

However, I still think it's the fundamentals that make the campaign too easy: Supply, unit attack values, amount of units, HQs-ratings, speed of research, diplomacy; it should be rebalanced. Gifting the computer with artifical bonuses shouldnt be the way fwd to get a balanced game.

I am fairly optimistic, though. WW2 also took some time to be finally the challenging campaign it is now. I am looking forward to this progress.

darth254 -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/15/2019 5:16:15 PM)

also consider setting your allies as AI as well for a greater challenge.

Sugar -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/16/2019 12:11:55 AM)

I highly recommend to up the unit's xp as well by 1.5 or even 2 points. You'll always be better in squeezing the last bit of readiness out of your HQ-positioning than the AI, thus equaling your rapidly growing own xp. At least: play PbEMs.

MrLongleg -> RE: Major Victory Jan 1917 on first try (Feedback) (12/16/2019 2:43:56 AM)

This game is only a challenge if you play a human.

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