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SSNovember -> Missiles - Energy State (12/14/2019 7:56:27 AM)

After spending the happy amount of over 200h+ on CMANO, but stopped playing few years ago, I bought the new version of the game.

Playing around some scenarios, I'm observing the behavior of the missiles. Their PH remains the same for all the travel, doesn't matter if they are at the very end of their range. I know that the missile logic is not simulated by the game engine. It doesn't take into consideration the amount of fuel, propulsion time and then the glide - basically - that homes into the target with the remaining energy. Or new technology for the Meteor missile for example.

But as far as I remember, old CMANO was taking into consideration the range traveled by a missile. An AIM120 doesn't have the same energy and therefore the same ability to hit a target at 30nm, compared to a 7nm distance.

Also, in old CMANO, pilots were waiting to launch well inside the maximum range ring, to avoid a simple drag maneuver by the target. Going in the opposite direction and just exit the missile range, but here I observe that as soon a target is inside the missile range, it get launched immediately.

Now, my memory is not a reliable tool, but I'm pretty sure of it since there were also some discussions here in the forum that I was following.

gosnold -> RE: Missiles - Energy State (12/14/2019 9:02:58 AM)

You are right, PH is degraded by 50% at max range, except for ramjet missiles like meteor.
Could you post a save, because this logic is working on my copy.

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