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Matthew Lenoe -> Problem with PBEM++ (12/14/2019 5:41:40 AM)

Hello, all: I have been using PBEM but have just tried to begin with PBEM++ . I can open a game after my opponent's previous turn, but can't figure out how to save the game while I'm playing my turn and need a break, or how to upload the game to the online PBEM++ system. I see no button in my version of the game labeled "Resume Saved Game". Can anyone help me out here?

Hellen_slith -> RE: Problem with PBEM++ (12/14/2019 4:49:31 PM)

As far as I know, there is no way to save the game for a break. If you do, it converts to regular PBEM and will not upload back to the server and you then have to email the game to your opponent (I could be wrong ... if there is a way to do that, chime in). For me, in the large scenes, then I just leave the game running if I need a break. I've left it running for hours while running errands etc., never had a problem w/ it (yet LoL) ...

When you finish the move (when the final combat resolves, or you end your turn) then the machine will automatically load your reply to the server. I hope this helps! Someone correct me if this is wrong, I too would like to have ability to "save" a game mid-turn in the server style, esp. useful for FitE2 or similar huge scenario.

btd64 -> RE: Problem with PBEM++ (12/14/2019 4:52:17 PM)

Your correct....GP

larryfulkerson -> RE: Problem with PBEM++ (12/14/2019 4:53:34 PM)

I've found a way. Go to the menu and chose "close" and you will be presented
with a dialog where you can choose "save and close" and it will save the game
as is on the server. When next you load it the situation will be the one you
closed the game with. I've done this multiple times and so far it's been
working out.

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