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Hellen_slith -> Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (12/13/2019 6:29:43 PM)

Round 4 is in progress.

Hellen_slith -> RE: Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/16/2020 6:22:34 PM)

And then there were four..... last round pairs:

mdanz (CW) v. tyronec (DAK)
cachou (CW) v. hellen (DAK) <---currently on turn 9

tyronec leads w/ 4.25 points going into this final round.

Will try to get out a penultimate news letter by Jan. 29
Need to go to library then and will try to find a new cover image

Hellen_slith -> RE: Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/18/2020 7:47:28 PM)

I am hoping that tyronec and / or mdanz might post an AAR of their game.

I thought about posting an AAR for my game w/ cachou,
but I am such a klutz at this scene, I feel embarrassed ...

This is a scene that I just cannot figure out, from either side.
I guess that's why the game designers have deigned it one of their favorite scenes!
(cannot remember where in interviews those guys said it was their favorite scene)
but ... for me ...

This one escapes me. Hoping you "experts" can give us some insight!
Okay, well, carry on!

mdanz -> RE: Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/20/2020 3:59:07 PM)

I will post an AAR of the first game probably this week. I need to set aside a few hours to do it. Its a good example of an ass kicking due to poor decisions and indecisiveness early on my part and hitting the ground running by Tyrone "Tyrannical" Tyronec.

We are on T.5 on the final (finally) final round.

Hellen_slith -> RE: Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/21/2020 8:39:42 PM)

Sounds great!

Looking forward to the AAR!

Hellen_slith -> RE: Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/29/2020 8:06:55 PM)

Update from board 2 (cachou [CW] v. Hellen [DAK])

cachou has capture TWO German Generals, major points for that.

Currently a CW significant victory for cachou @ DAK 19

@Hellen> [shakes tiny fist at cachou and Yells at cloud!]

Well done, Sir!


Hellen_slith -> RE: Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/29/2020 10:26:02 PM)

I have just now conceded an Overwhelming Victory to my worthy opponent Cachou in our game. Along w/ capture of two German Commanders, he has now also captured the Supply point of Gamut (sp?) and so, the DAK ist now KaputenGeGeben. Well done, Sir <handshake>! I will update the grid w/in the next few, and also prepare a final issue of the news letter (last time I was at library, I forgot to look for a cover, but will do so soon).

Thank you, Cachou, for the challenge! I wish I could have done better! :(

Hellen_slith -> RE: Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/29/2020 11:00:00 PM)

Some (almost) final thoughts, from TD perspective:

This was a fun tournament / game, I wish more people would have stuck it out.
As stands, Tyronec / Mdanz will be the deciders (theirs is the last board in play)

For me (as is usual) as a player, I did very poorly w/ this scene.
But, it has taught me a lot.

Tobruk 41 is a very good scene.
TOAW (overall) is NOT a good "quick" play game for tourney style.

Perhaps a different scene would be good for another tourney, not sure.

Anyway, I thank you all for playing and following the tournament.
Maybe for 2020, we can have another, using a different scene.

If there is enough interest, I would be happy to run another tournament.

Okay, well, until the final tourney news letter issue, I wish you all .... Happy Gaming!!

PS: I am thinking of starting a "generalized" TOAW news letter,
that might encapsulate all of the musings and games / hints / tips that abide.

If there is interest in such a news letter, please let me know and I will try my best to publish same.

Thanks again for reading!

tyronec -> RE: Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/31/2020 7:08:11 AM)

Mdanz and I have agreed a draw in our game.
We got up to T10, there were very few losses and Axis well dug in defending Tobruk and what was left of the border. Commonwealth were taking one or two hexes a turn, Axis not strong enough to counter attack effectively and just taking out the occasional exposed unit or two. VPs were at a draw and clearly neither side was going to take enough objectives to change that.

Thanks Hellen for organising this, it has been fun and IMO the best scenario I have played in TOAW.

Hellen_slith -> RE: Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/31/2020 5:05:54 PM)

Well done, Gentlemen, and thank you all for participating and to all who followed this tournament!!

I am very impressed (and pleasantly surprised) that we have completed this tournament in only about five months.

As I recall, the tournament was announced and began back in September 2019,
and I originally expected it to take at least a year, but due to your dedication and gamesmanship,
here we are now at the "winner's circle" of the finish line, and ....

TYRONEC is the clear winner, with an impressive FIVE points (out of possible six).
Hat's off, Tyronec, well done and kudos!

MDANZ, with a clear second place, and CACHOU who took a solid third place show.

Okay, well, thanks again to you all. I had fun running the tournament, and I hope you had fun playing!

Here is the final grid:


mdanz -> RE: Tobruk 41 (Crusader) Tournament Round 4 Thread (1/31/2020 8:02:38 PM)

Congratulations to Tyronec! He kicked my but twice actually. The draw he gave me was generous.
and GG to everyone who played. I had a lot of fun.

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